MJX Bugs B18 Pro RC Quadcopter review: Great performance across all scenarios!

December 8, 2022


  • 4K EIS Wi-Fi camera
  • 2.4G Wi-Fi remote controller
  • High-power 2950mAh battery
  • 3-axis EIS gimbal


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MJX Bugs B18 Pro

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “drone”? Drones are now utilized for a variety of purposes, including small-item delivery, industrial site inspection, infrastructure monitoring, emergency response, and security surveillance. After a long pause, MJX returns with a promising GPS- empowered collapsing drone. This device’s camera can record 3840*2160  recordings with 30fps and full-HD 1080p with 60fps. Additionally, the camera has a ⅓ inch CMOS picture sensor and a 2.96mm f2.0 focal point that gives a 120-degree field view.

As indicated by the promoted specs, the 3S 2950 mAh battery gives you 25 minutes of flight time. The device has a travel-friendly foldable form and folded arms that measure 165*90*70mm and weigh around 400 grams. It boasts a top speed of up to 40km/h thanks to 1506 2200KV brushless motors and an 8A ESC (25mph). Let’s have a look at other main features of the recently released MJX Bugs B18 Pro RC Quadcopter.


MJX Bugs B18 Pro RC Quadcopter

The most recent RC drone marks a significant leap with its superior components and foldable design. In the portable design and other upmarket settings, the entire personality appears magnificent and glossy. The propellers on all four sides are dual-bladed, and the front has a 3-axis gimbal camera for 4K video capturing.

A folding physique is always convenient!

When folded, the MJX drone measures 165*90*70mm and weighs around 400g with batteries. The quadcopter also comes with an external remote controller that you can use to control operations while you’re not nearby. Electronic image stabilization is a powerful tool for compensating for hand jitter, which causes distracting video shakes during playback.


2950mAh battery

The MJX Bugs B18 Pro Quadcopter’s 7.7V 2950mAh battery has enough capacity to sustain an uninterrupted flight. With a good battery life of 25 minutes between charges, the Li-Po battery seems to be able to manage things effectively. About 4.5 hours are required for the charging process.

Powerful battery for potent performance!

Operating temperatures range from 5℃ to 40℃, and the weight is 113g. The remote control’s power indicator slowly flashes while it is charging and turns on when it is fully charged. About 90 minutes are needed for charging. Make sure to charge it completely before each flight. The official cable must be used to charge it.


MJX Bugs B18 Pro RC Quadcopter

Users can shoot freely with the drone’s 4K EIS 5G Wi-Fi camera. It can capture images and videos with a maximum FPV frame rate of 720p@30fps and a resolution of 3840*2160. Similar to this, the 1/3-inch CMOS sensor offers 100-3200 ISO, f/2.0 aperture, and a 120-degree lens angle.

CMOS sensor looks impressive with 3-axis gimbal stabilization!

An intriguing possibility is the 3-axis gimbal technology, which guarantees more steady and excellent photographs and movies. It has a rolling range of 30° to -30° and a pitch range of 0° to -75°. A wide-range lens, which consists of several optical lens components, enables cameras to take clear, colorful pictures with a large background. Using the aircraft camera, you can focus freely.

Remote controller

2.4G remote controller

In addition, a 2.4G remote-control device is included with the RC drone. It is wireless equipment that can transmit data up to 3000 meters and has a 2000mAh lithium-ion battery. The device also has a type-C connector for charging, has a battery life of 2.4 hours, and requires a 1.5-hour charging time.

The remote controller provides great assistance from a distance!

As soon as an aircraft’s voltage drops, the transmitter buzzer that is receiving that information will beep. Thus, you always have control of your aircraft. As soon as there is a weak or interfered remote control signal, the transmitter buzzer will beep. Always feel safe during your flight.

Point of interest

MJX Bugs B18 Pro RC Quadcopter

You have the option to continuously circle in a clockwise direction around the chosen point with the point of interest feature on your aircraft. By default, the aircraft’s focus of interest is 10 meters to the front. Additionally, the B18 Pro will fly to the target or in the direction you tapped on the screen when in waypoint flight mode.

Set your own point of interest at any place!

It will also change flight paths quickly if you tap the screen again to re-plane the track. Integrating calculations are performed by the integrated optical flow sensor, which collects real-time optical flow data. You can concentrate on your inventive shooting while your aircraft hovers automatically and hands-free.


Brushless motor

It’s easy to learn to fly the B18 Pro. The system uses a 1506 2200Kv brushless motor, one of the best and most economical motor lines available. The highest 230g lift upward.

Brushless motor ensures toughness and forwardness in performance!

In addition to increasing torque per watt of input power, reliability, and lowering operational and mechanical noise, the motor also helps the device.


Because the MJX Bugs B18 Pro RC Quadcopter is made to meet consumer needs, it has become popular in the market. The device is great as it has a practical build and many top features. Such as, it responds to an alert automatically day or night, in rain, snow, or dust storms. The bugs 18 Pro can do features like follow me, orbit mode, and point of interest. After hearing to use these features with the drone, you will have a great companion beside you. More interestingly, you can freely control it with a remote control system, which helps you capture the fantastic view from above without any tangling of wires. When it comes to cameras, the gadget has a Wi-Fi camera, which you can adjust according to your requirement. In a nutshell, it is clear that when you buy this device, you will get the full package of benefits.

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MJX Bugs B18 Pro

  • High-quality build material ensures exceptional construction and lightweight folding design.
  • 4K EIS 5G Wi-Fi camera captures ...
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