Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro folding electric scooter review: A portable vehicle with endless possibilities!

November 28, 2022


  • Sturdy aluminum alloy chassis
  • 48V 15Ah battery for longer service life
  • Efficient 600W brushless motor
  • Innovative LCD handle instrument


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Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro

One of the leading personal transportation brands is Kugoo, established in 2015. The body is constructed entirely from aluminum alloy without the need for welds. This detailed analysis of the Kugoo Kirin G2 pro electric scooter tries to identify several noteworthy features, merits, and drawbacks. It is a seasoned company with a sizable international clientele. Today, we’ll discuss a device by the name of Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro. This is one of the comprehensive reviews of the best value-for-money electric scooter, the Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro Folding Electric Scooter.

Kugoo is a renowned brand in the domain of e-bike vehicles. Inaugurated in 2015, the electric scooter manufacturer has accomplished endless milestones and appreciation across the planet for delivering exceptional products. The key objective of the brand is to generate and support environment-friendly products to ensure innovative commuting solutions for the masses. With relentless efforts and dedication, Kugoo proceeds to gain the trust of customers in diverse segments.


Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro folding electric scooter

Let’s start with the design and building. The outside of the electric bike is incredibly distinctive and stylish, with many alluring possibilities. It makes it possible for consumers to safely store their scooters in the car trunk. Kugoo is a well-known electrical scooter manufacturer with a big customer.

The foldable design is simply attractive and space-saving!

A combination of various value-added technicalities and utilities can be found on the foldable bike. It mounts a larger display meter, accelerator, brake, and other standard controls on the handlebar. The bike can be quickly and easily folded to reduce its size.


Brighter LCD Display

The most modern-age electric scooters dare to encompass a digital meter to deliver more informed and convenient trips. A brighter LCD dashboard is boasted on the cockpit of the Kugoo scooter. You can read the information clearly in the daylight to ensure you have opted for the right riding mode.

Riding is more convenient and impressive to control!

What does the LCD screen intend for? Well, the handle display is pretty beneficial for passengers. It serves enthusiast riders with several types of information during the real-time journey. You will also have access to the current speed, battery capacity, riding mode, mileage, etc., to ensure you are going safely.


9" X 3" Tires

It’s nice to see that the electric scooter has a set of sturdy, long-lasting KuKirin 9″x3″ tires. More importantly, rubber tires are built to resist challenging road conditions and challenging terrain. The bottom panel of the scooter also has a pair of KuKirin rubber pneumatic tires affixed to it. Every aspect of it is designed to provide passengers with excellent experiences.

KuKirin tires are tough and wear-resistant for hassle-free services!

For a long service life, the pair contains several useful qualities, such as wear resistance, anti-skid, and anti-slip. It also has a twin mechanical disc braking system to give passengers a simple and practical ride in an emergency.


Powerful Motorn

Regarding the motor, firstly, the high-performance 600W brushless motor gives the folding a magnificent and sturdy appearance. Since the component is potent enough to result in effective riding and power output, people are bound to adore it. It is a small, light motor with a star gear arrangement that increases torque and energy conversion rate.

The powerful brushless motor will cover extra miles with confidence!

Additionally, the foldable vehicle efficient engine serves as its clever source of power and energy. It successfully supports overall operations to handle difficult and demanding circumstances. The power motor appears capable of stimulating a 20-degree gradient ascending and speeds up to 45 km/h.


Larger Battery

Electric vehicles use a combination of motors and batteries to facilitate environmentally sustainable travel. The power department of the Kugoo Kirin G2 pro demonstrates some finesse in handling complications in its own distinct style. The bike’s power is supplied by a 48V 15Ah lithium battery.

Lithium batteries can obtain added comfort and freedom!

The bike will easily run to 55km of mileage with a single charge, meeting daily commuting needs. The charging period for a 15Ah 48V battery is approximately 7-8 hours.


The Kukirin G2 Pro Electric scooter is built with dual disc brakes for secure braking and six brilliant lights to illuminate your path ahead, giving you all-around security. With its many safety features, the New Kugoo KuKirin G2 PRO bike gives you complete peace of mind when riding.  Additionally, for Off-road, pneumatic tires measuring 9 inches are also included. You may use this bike on dirt tracks if you need to because it is durable and sturdy.

Safety is taken more seriously for overall bliss!

Dual shock absorbers make the ride much more comfortable while traveling off-road, and the rubber platform surface lets you ride steadily. The electric scooter also comes to a swift and secure stop thanks to a pair of disc brakes.

Quick and powerful

Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro folding electric scooter

Lastly, the stylish e-scooter can easily travel at speeds of up to 40–45 km/h (24.8–27.9 mph), allowing you to arrive at your destination when it is safe to do so. Speaking of safety, there are also three distinct speed modes available on the Kugoo G2 Pro if you need to slow down. Enabling total control over this outstanding motorcycle.

Multiple speed modes and larger load capacity will accumulate additional perks!

You can also take this electric scooter on a long journey because of its enormous range of up to 50–55 km (NO LOAD), and thanks to its 20-degree climb angle, you can effortlessly ascend those annoying hills! Additionally, a payload of up to 120 kg enables you to carry your luggage when out and about or going shopping.


For local transportation and mountain riding, the Kugoo Kirin G2 pro folding electric bike is, without a doubt, a wonderful choice. To encourage an incredibly convenient riding experience, the bike is wonderfully designed and filled with cutting-edge configurations. It recognizes a 600W brushless engine, an extended battery life, an LCD instrument, dual hydraulic brakes, and sturdy 9” pneumatic tires. Overall, the bike appears to effectively satisfy consumers’ diverse riding needs.

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