JJRC X25 RC Quadcopter review: Developed for professionals!

December 1, 2022


  • 7.4V 2500mAh modular battery
  • Intelligent obstacle avoidance
  • 500m 5G Wi-Fi image transmission
  • Dual HD adjustable cameras


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Can JJRC X25 RC Quadcopter be a proficient alternative to DJI Mini 2? Since there is a comprehensive flood of drone quadcopters in the market, it is truly a complex job to find the most versatile development with advanced specs and an affordable price tag. Today, in this guide, we will put thoughts together about the newly-launched JJRC X25. It comes with real-time image transmission, an intelligent obstacle avoidance system, and an adjustable camera module. Users can consider the JJRC X25 drone review to unearth in-depth insights before picking the final choice.

It might be challenging to find a drone lover not familiar with the brand JJRC. The Chinese quadcopter developer requires no introduction to the industry and has worked remarkably since its invention in 2014. It is a self-developed intelligent technology brand of Guangdong Jianjian Intelligence Technology Co. LTD. In the portfolio, JJRC comprises tons of high-end products to support aerial photography with advanced technologies and innovations. It utilizes mature product concepts and independent R&D capabilities.


JJRC X25 Quadcopter

Analyzing the physical appearance first, the foldable drone looks crazy and astoundingly marvelous in ABS and electronics materials. The external look promotes an elegant design with the camera protrusion on the top. Customers always search for a foldable physique to make it easy to carry in the backpack. This integration exhibits everything one needs to amuse with wonderful photography skills and stylish construction.

A foldable physique demonstrates more flexibility and ergonomic design!

In terms of development, the drone demonstrates a lightweight and modern physique in the portable assembly to meet diverse requirements. On the top panel, the integration manifests a good design by incorporating a unique protrusion for the camera. Also, the bottom and front sides integrate lenses to ensure the recording of omnidirectional environments. The propellers of the drone show the composition of dual-blade four units embedded in the brushless motors. While measuring physical dimensions, the JJRC drone measures 30x30x5cm in unfolded shape and weighs 215g on the scale.


HD adjustable dual camera

The prime objective of every drone quadcopter is certainly to capture high-quality photos and videos from the altitude. This segment of the in-hand drone again gains immense capabilities with the inclusion of dual adjustable cameras. In terms of camera configurations, the JJRC X25 carries an 8K HD dual camera to encompass high-definition cations.

Dual-camera switching triggers more excitement and fun!

Additionally, enthusiasts will also come across a single camera fitted in the front and another one at the bottom. Collectively, the setting promises to stimulate a proficient photography experience in the context of forward and downward directions. The photo and video resolution of the front camera are 8K 7680x4320p and 4K 3840x2160p, respectively.


Powerful brushless motor

In the drone market, customers will see most developments embraced with brushless motors. In the case of the JJRC X25 RC quadcopter, buyers will witness a brushless motor as well. It is a powerful integration to stimulate the drone to be suitable and worthy for both indoor and outdoor use.

Brushless motor can manage flights with more confidence!

The drone features the tenacity to obtain stable flight in the realm of wind resistance for efficient results. In addition to that, users will grasp a four-direction GPS intelligent obstacle avoidance to make sure the flight is impeccably safe and secure. This specialized unit helps the machine to detect the surrounding obstacles automatically to prevent collisions.


JJRC X25 Quadcopter

As far as the power corridor is associated, the JJRC X25 users will collect improved endurance with a qualified battery package. It is a powerful 7.4V 2500mAh modular battery that shows enormous confidence in addressing the regular power needs of the quadcopter.

The modular battery will accommodate proceedings in a better way!

The battery is easy to install and remove and advertises high endurance on every single top-up. People can use the USB cable to empower the drone before enjoying up to 18 minutes of flight time. The charging time is approx. 100 minutes.


2.4GHz remote controller

Things will prevail better with the inclusion of a wireless remote controller in the story. The JJRC X25 supports a 2.4GHz remote controller to survive on three AAA batteries. It comes with several types of functional buttons and indicator lights. The 5G WIFI function brings faster and un-delayed data transmission within up to 500m distance.

The wireless remote controller looks cool and stylish!

Avid individuals will have the provision to connect the unit to the external 2.4GHz remote controller. To be more versatile, the RC drone also incorporates several other wonderful modules. You will enjoy headless mode, smart follow, one-key return, one-kay calibration, waypoint flight, gesture shooting, app control, VR mode, low-battery return, and many other configurations.


The JJRC X25 RC quadcopter is designed to keep in mind users’ unique requirements for advanced photography. It looks competent and impressive to beat competitors in all facets to be the must-have product in the fraternity. The brushless motor can manage the flight indoors and outdoors while the 2500mAh battery is enough to obtain approx. 20min flight time confidently. The 5G Wi-Fi image transmission will serve you up to a distance of 500m. 2.4GHz remote controller, obstacle avoidance, smart follow, low-battery return, and HD dual camera are some other considerable features. Hopefully, the dedicated JJRC X25 RC quadcopter review will assist you with the required confidence to make the appropriate buying decision.

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  • Sturdy, foldable, and convenient design made from high-grade ABS material.
  • 360° intelligent obstacle avoidance system for ...
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