Haylou MoriPods ANC TWS Earbuds review: Enjoy the world with peace!

December 8, 2022


  • Lightweight design and attractive matte finish
  • 10mm larger dynamic drivers for studio-level music quality
  • 30h longer battery life
  • ANC noise-cancellation technology
  • High-precision touch control panel


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Haylou MoriPods ANC

With a fortified range of impressive products in the portfolio, Haylou always looks ahead to serve the world with some more surprises. Haylou MoriPods ANC TWS earbuds are the latest to get entry with true dedication to make your life easier and full of peace. This guide has the clear intention to inspect every nook and corner of the development to find everything you need to know. The gorgeous-looking earbuds host awestruck noise cancellation, 30h longer battery life, Type-C charging, and 10mm dynamic drivers. The detailed Haylou MoriPods ANC review will let you fetch the critical knowledge before you take your next stride with the cart.

Since its involvement in the consumer electronic industry, Haylou has grown magnificently over the years, circulating its products in more than 100 countries. The brand is looking really optimistic with the right approach of serving humanity with quality-centric and fruitful inventions. It comes forth to facilitate tens of millions of users with advanced technologies and help them witness life transformation with independent R&D capabilities. Also, Haylou continues to explore and innovate in IoT, healthcare, and other segments to trigger great life for its customers.

Design and build

Haylou MoriPods ANC TWS Earbuds

The external appearance and grace are something to woo attention first. In terms of physical design and construction, the MoriPods wireless headphones look marvelous in the white color scheme and unique kind of build. Users will come to note a brand logo on the front, and it appears greatly captivating across all corners.

The charging case acknowledges a simple but extraordinary approach in the oval-shaped physique. It shows rounded lines on the matte surface to look like cobblestone. The matte material design accepts no fingerprints when using it. Also, the case hosts the Type-C interface on the side instead of on the back side, like many other charging cases on the market.

Matte finish is gorgeous along with in-ear wearing style!

On the other hand, earbuds also endeavor to present a lucrative build with a relatively short stem. It offers an elegant finish and marvelous in-ear wearing, thanks to the 35-degree angle design. It fits the inner ear softly to be more comfortable and stable to wear. Both buds host the touch control panel on the back. Since each earbud weighs 3.9g, you won’t feel tired of wearing it for a long time.


10mm large dynamic drivers

The Haylou MoriPods ANC earbuds are particularly designed to create studio-level sound quality to cater to users’ diverse needs. The unit comes featured with 10mm large dynamic drivers to meet the desired purpose. Avid listeners will attain high-quality music production since the unit can regenerate remarkable vocals and deep bass to bring something extraordinary across the frequency range.

Studio-level sound production is possible along with low-latency mode!

Furthermore, earbuds comprise high-quality microphones and DSP call noise reduction technology. It attenuates background noises accurately to trigger clear and noise-free calls. The low-latency gaming mode will deliver fantastic audio-visual synchronization for a stunning gaming experience.

Noise cancellation

Noise cancellation technology

Haylou has made splendid efforts to let listeners encompass crystal-clear and quality phone calls and conversations. You will have the stringent ANC noise-reduction technology to remove the voice to welcome the world with peace. It comes with 3 ANC modes to let you hear what you want to hear. You can activate the Noise-Cancellation Mode when you are at noisy places, i.e., bus stands, airports, or subways. The Transparent Mode is there to support you during workouts, shopping, and leisure, while the Standard Mode is for offices, libraries, bedrooms, etc.

Excellent ANC noise reduction ensures peaceful phone calling!

In terms of connectivity, Haylou’s ANC earbuds accommodate the advanced and powerful Bluetooth module to transmit data wirelessly. It carries the Bluetooth 5.2 chip to support the connectivity in collaboration with several other (HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP) profiles. The reconnection is easier and quick once you take the earbuds out of the case.


Haylou MoriPods ANC TWS Earbuds

Coming to the power strength of, we have again something phenomenal to witness about Haylou earbuds. You will capture up to 7.5 hours (earbuds only) of music time on every single charge with ANC-enabled at 50% volume. It reaches 10.5h with ANC-disabled. With the charging case, users will get 30 hours of playback with ANC-enabled at 50% volume. It reaches up to 33h when ANC is disabled.

Powerful battery to bring Type-C charging interface!

When it comes to charging, we use a Type-C interface located on the right side of the charging case. The power storage capacity of each earbud is 43mAh, while the charging department has a 310mAh battery.


Haylou MoriPods ANC TWS Earbuds

The overall control can be managed via the inbuilt touch interface on the logo of the brand on the outside. It acknowledges the facility with high-precision light touch control for smoother and more pleasant touch control.

The sensitive touch panel offers gentle control of operations!

Enthusiasts can perform multiple functions in the following way:

  • Long-press L/R earbud – play/pause
  • Double tap L/R earbud – next/previous
  • Long-press L/R earbud – answer/hang-up
  • Double tap L or R earbud – reject the call
  • Triple tap R earbud – noise-canceling mode
  • Triple tap L earbud – low-latency mode


The wireless earbuds industry is supposed to confront ideal competition in this technology-driven era, and it happens for good reasons. The emergence of Haylou MoriPods ANC TWS earbuds leaves enthusiasts awestruck with a fascinating composition of high-end specs. The pair appears tough to beat with a 30h combined battery life, 10mm dynamic drivers with SBC/AAC audio decoding, Bluetooth 5.2, touch control, and intelligent ANC noise cancellation. The overall physique is ergonomic and stylish in the portable design. Meanwhile, the wireless earbuds look forward-moving to taking an additional edge over the competition to beat several counterparts falling in the same price bracket.

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