Duotts F26 Electric Bike review: Dedicated to trigger comfortable riding!

December 8, 2022


  • Strong aluminum alloy chassis
  • 20Ah high-endurance lithium battery
  • Powerful 750W*2 dual brushless motors
  • 26″ fat and durable tires


  • Didn’t find

Duotts F26

The popularity of foldable bikes has recently increased. As a result, an increasing number of individuals are choosing folding bikes as an alternate mode of transportation. They are less expensive, more maneuverable, and have a folding capacity, which makes them more convenient. Nonetheless, e-bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and folding electric bikes have recently become popular. When not in use, the folding mechanism allows you to fold the bike into a more compact package.

This post will go through the advantages of the recently released folding electric bike, the Duotts F26 Folding Electric Bike. The fantastic and valuable Duotts F26 Folding Electric Bike is suitable for daily use. It is capable of giving excellent performance thanks to its two 750W brushless motors, LCD digital meter, 20Ah battery, 150kg load capacity, 26″ tough rubber tires, three riding modes, and a peak speed of 55 km/h. With twin brushless motors, durable fat tires, a hefty battery, and an LCD, the Duotts F26 Folding Electric Bike is ideal for daily commuting. With so many different types of electric bikes on the market, everyone wanted to shed some light on what a folding electric bike is and whether they are worth the money. 


Duotts F26 Folding Electric Bike

Let us begin with the design; the vehicle’s overall structure is basic and lovely. The battery box does not limit the aesthetic design, and it is no different from other bicycles except that it is lighter.

A solid metal frame creates something durable!

The Duotts bike has dimensions of 190x112x73cm and weighs 38kg. Because of the aluminum alloy frame, the electric car has a solid physical structure and an appealing look. 150kg is the maximum load capacity. The bike sports a brighter headlamp and a handlebar-mounted LCD meter. A set of 26″ fat tires are also included to help bear the weight and give a smoother ride. The foldable bike may be the foundation for a variety of value-added technologies and amenities. The bike can quickly and easily transport thanks to its lightweight.


Brighter LCD display

The most advanced electric bikes incorporate a digital meter to provide more informed and convenient trips. The cockpit of the Duotts F26 Folding Electric Bike features a brighter LCD dashboard. You can easily read the information in the daytime to verify you have chosen the correct riding mode. Passengers will benefit greatly from the handle display. During real-time travel, it provides passionate motorcyclists with several forms of information. To safeguard your safety, the user will have access to the current speed, battery capacity, riding mode, mileage, and so on.

Digital meter comes to offer improved facilities!

Furthermore, passengers will be able to follow their riding statistics regularly due to an integrated LCD screen incorporated within the handlebar. The digital meter happens to be an existing dedicated instrument that provides people with critical information. It displays the battery status, current speed, riding mode, and mileage, among other things, so you can commute confidently.


Powerful Motor

According to the motor consideration, there is a remarkable sight in the rear wheelbase. 750W dual brushless motors are built into both wheelbases. Riders can reliably control operations and experience the utmost comfort thanks to the combination of dual motors. It is a strong and effective integration with a torque of 130 nm and the capability to climb slopes of up to 55 degrees. It can travel at speeds of up to 55 km/h.

Brushless motor is efficient and more powerful!

The component is powerful enough to produce effective riding and power output, so people are sure to love it. Its clever source of power and energy is the effective foldable vehicle motor. When dealing with challenging and demanding situations, it successfully supports overall operations.


Duotts F26 Folding Electric Bike

The battery in the device enables ecologically friendly travel. The bike’s engine has the endurance to support journeys. A 48V 20Ah lithium battery powers the Duotts F26 folding electric bike.

Lithium batteries can revolutionize overall performance to cover larger distances!

With this robust bundle, you may go up to 100 kilometers on a single charge. The bike appears tough and gorgeous with its black and red color scheme.


Fat rugged tires

To give riders unmatched comfort, an existing pair of 26×4.0″ tough rubber tires are attached at the bottom of the electric bike. You will find anti-skid, anti-slip, and wear-resistant properties to be beneficial. There is also a twin hydraulic disc braking system in place at the same time to enhance overall performance.

Durable and wear-resistant solid rubber tires offer joyful riding!

Additionally, the Shimano 7-speed allows you to downshift to an existing smaller cog at high speeds and shift to a larger cog that already exists for uphill riding. You can choose the appropriate speed for your journey using the pedal-assist system in conjunction.


Here, we examine why electric folding bikes can create a completely new realm of opportunities in this market that is still expanding. In the beginning, the bike was aimed at the consumer market, which proved to be very popular because they are lightweight and could be folded down and carried onto trains, buses, or even stored away in the boot/trunk of your car. The bike is designed to reduce in size so it can be stored away in small spaces while being light enough to carry by users. The Duotts F26 Folding Electric Bike is an extremely cost-effective choice and would be appropriate for shorter commutes on city terrain, but some users have stated in their reviews that it does perform well.

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  • Robust and durable, the aluminum alloy frame supports up to 150kg payload.
  • The large LCD display provides valuable journey ...
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