Baseus CRCX-01 digital alcohol tester review: Intended to deliver accurate results!

November 27, 2022


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  • LED indicators
  • Smart chip and high-sensitive sensor
  • Long-lasting battery


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Baseus CRCX-01

Digital alcohol testing devices have come a long way to support respective authorities in catching boozers on the road. Today, we have a review guide on such a product named Baseus CRCX-01 Digital Alcohol Tester. It is an innovative development with a portable design and several high-tech specs to measure alcohol usage precisely. It features an HD screen to present the data clearly and precisely and derive results in a quick time. Also, the cordless machine is super easy to use, and you can apply it on several people since it performs the testing after collecting the breath sample from a 10cm distance. Reading further will give you a thorough analysis of the product.

Baseus came into existence in 2011 under Shenzhen Time Innovation Technology Co. Ltd. The brand name is further simplified from the brand slogan ‘Based on User.’ The consumer electronic brand performs research & development, design, production, and sales. Hence, it clarifies the brand’s intentions from the customers’ perspective, and the company strives to bring high aesthetics and practical values. With consistent endeavor and dedication, Baseus has included itself in the pool of China’s top-class consumer electronic enterprises.

Design and construction

Baseus CRCX-01 digital alcohol tester

Before we dive into the technical part, it looks imperative to inspect the portable alcohol tester physically. If you take a look carefully at the device, it is simply a stick in a cylindrical shape. One of the best things about this innovative product is that it is super convenient to use and carry outside. All the credit goes to its portable design and ultra-lightweight physique assembled using high-grade material. One can see the compact equipment as fascinating and convenient with the physical measurement of only 8×2.5cm. It weighs 292g to not feel in the pocket.

The portable physique looks amazing and is convenient to use!

Discussing the appearance, you’ll find some nice aesthetics and craftsmanship. At the prima facia, the device combines two parts in black and grey colors. The upper half looks glossy in the black color and hosts an HD display. Similarly, the lower half shows nothing except LED indicators and the leather strap. On the bottom, you will see a knurling rotary switch hosting the Type-C port. The top unit is the scientific filter to work as an air filter.


Baseus CRCX-01 digital alcohol tester

What is the way the alcohol tester uses to convey the results? Well, users will notice the obtained results via the dedicated screen. As mentioned earlier, the integration features a high-resolution LED display panel in the outer skin.

LED display is brighter and easy to read!

It is a super-easy high-contrast display screen to read and present data clearly. It is considered that the display portrays the results in two units – Chinese (g/l) and American (% BAC). You can opt for the data you can understand better as per prevalent standards in your region. Ultimately, people are likely to conquer instant results about the alcohol concentration in their blood on a brighter and clear track.


Blow Sensor

This is, indubitably, the crucial and significant organ of the alcohol testing device. A more advanced scientific filter is adjusted on the top panel to trigger more accurate testing. In fact, there are several layers under the upper filter to ensure that only alcohol is passed for testing. After the top filter, you will find some units to hold gas, exclude other substances, and leave only the alcohol to the testing integration.

Scientific filter incites accurate testing!

The designated filter works substantially in many ways. It endeavors to filter substances except for alcohol to acquire more reliable and precise testing. The whole filtering unit helps exclude multiple minor parts and generates appropriate testing outcomes.



When it comes to monitoring the power department of the tester, users will come across something mind-blowing and amusing. The device’s power needs are overwhelmingly quenched, thanks to the built-in 3.7V 130mAh battery. We usually find lithium batteries in handheld electronic devices, and Baseus also shows trust in this kind of battery to get things proceeding better.

A powerful lithium battery goes a long way on every charge!

The lithium battery installed in the alcohol tester strives magnificently to meet the intended purposes. It is responsible for facilitating your long-lasting battery life, and you can use the device for three months after charging it once. Eventually, it demonstrates the tenacity to cater to power needs impeccably, and you can charge it via the integrated Type-C port.


In terms of sensing algorithms, the advanced alcohol testing unit again looks impressive and stringent. Users will enjoy exceptional services due to the efficient chip and high-sensitive sensor installed in the device. It is a smart algorithm that works intelligently to produce relevant results in collaboration with an inbuilt smart chip.

Smart chip and high-sensitive sensor collaborate for precise measurement!

Moreover, the tester comes with a DUI reminder to alert users by different means. It informs you about the quantity of alcohol content with different lights and sounds. Green, yellow and red indicators are to convey the results as Pass, Drunk Driving, and Inebriated.


Technology continues revolutionizing every aspect of human life with consistent discoveries and inventions. The Baseus CRCX-01 digital alcohol tester is one such development to amaze us with lots of surprises. It is a portable unit intended to produce accurate results with a simple breathing sample. It is used widely to determine the alcohol concentration in the blood. The digital display is provided to convey the obtained results immediately, 20 seconds after collecting the sample.

Furthermore, it is pretty convenient, easier, and hassle-free to use across several scenarios. Hopefully, the Baseus CRCX-01 alcohol tester review will help you find the required knowledge about the given device before collapsing with any buying decision.

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