Ultenic K20 Air Fryer review: A specialized fryer with dual-dryer concept!

November 27, 2022


  • 2850W-rated power
  • Dual-drawer storage concept
  • Larger LED display panel
  • Efficient temperature and time settings
  • 8L combined food container capacity


  • Didn’t find

Ultenic K20

When it comes to choosing the best air fryer, two considerable things to note are the capacity and the selection of a single or dual-drawer model. The system with dual departments might be for you if you look to cook different foods simultaneously. Meanwhile, we have come up with a device named Ultenic K20 to undergo a detailed discussion. It will review the product to uncover its various capabilities and drawbacks to help you approach the relatively right buying decision.

Ultenic is a young technology brand involved in the industry of electronic items, including cordless vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances. It was founded in 2021 with a key motive to be the leading enterprise in the segment. The brand has taken a great start with over 2,00,000 customers experiencing their products in the first year. The Ultenic K20 is also a marvelous integration by the company to let users enjoy a range of services along with over 100 online recipes. It comes with a 4L storage capacity, 2850W power, and a digital display to generate exceptional cooking results.

Design and Build


It is no secret that dual-department air fryers are relatively bulkier and heavier than their single-cabin counterparts. In terms of physical development, the in-hand Ultenic air fryer measures 36.7×36.5×31.2cm. You must note that the depth of the machine includes the handles as well. It weighs 6.8kg, however. On the counter, the unit doesn’t seem too big and looks gorgeous and durable with matte black and stainless-steel finish. The air fryer acknowledges a portable body in a square design.

Stainless-steel physique looks durable and stylish!

Further, the LED touch display panel is available on the front of the machine to achieve a streamlined look. You can see an illuminated power button to be more versatile and productive. Also, the lower unit contains two baskets featured with larger handles each. It shows four rubber feet on each crisper plate. It is a little hassle to slide in and out of the air fryer. The top panel appears glossy with a little protrusion of the display unit.


Ultenic K20 Air Fryer

The LED display panel integrated on the front side is another creative thing to collect more convenience and style. Enthusiasts will come to see a larger touch panel with multiple pretty aspects. It is an intuitive area hosting L and R buttons to let users switch between the two baskets. You can also set the cooking time and temperature for each compartment.

LED display panel is more intuitive and effortless!

People will have the freedom to adjust the overall operations to make processes simpler and more convenient. Individuals can set the timer one minute between 1-60 minutes. When it comes to selecting the temperature, it allows you to stay anywhere between 80-degree and 200-degree with 5-degree increments. Moreover, in case you wish to cook food in both cabins at the same time, you can program one cabin and select the L=R button. There is also a sync button to help you out if you desire to cook at the same time with different settings.


Large Capacity

In terms of the capacity of both cooking departments, the Ultenic air fryer exhibits a modern style of double containers to accommodate your versatile cooking requirements. Both apartments offer 8L storage capacity combined. Users can get things fried in both units independently with different temperature and time settings.

A larger food storage capacity will save time and bring happiness!

More fascinatingly, you can also cook different foods in different settings. But the frying system can go simultaneously for both cabins, thanks to the dedicated sync button. Overall, the air fryer provides a brilliant cooking experience, and you witness quick food preparation for the whole family. Whenever you press a button, a beep is heard. If you’re sensitive to noise, this noise of beep may intricate you.


2850W Power

In addition to that, customers will accomplish a greater spectrum of services in the same packet. It imparts the tenacity to facilitate people across different scenarios. You can utilize the machine to encompass a 6-in-1 approach and enjoy cooking profiles, including air broiling, baking, pre-heating, air frying, roasting, and dehydrating. Hence, users don’t need to invest in different equipment to host the right dose of taste for various foods.

Several cooking modes provide more flexibility!

At the same time, the Ultenic K20 air fryer promotes the provision to explore more deliciousness and taste. You can download the official Ultenic App, studded with more than 100 gourmet recipes. It further releases the 2850W rated power to back the overall functionality for vegetables, meat, and fish.


Moving from its prime development line, Ultenic has just endeavored for the second time to introduce an air fryer. Primarily, the manufacturer is engaged in the development and marketing of floor-care products. The Ultenic K20 air fryer is the first dual-drawer by the brand with several other high-end specs to create the best experience for customers.

Currently, it gains the potential to be the leading dual-drawer invention as compared to other dual-drawer air fryers. Users can program each drawer independently, whereas the dedicated sync button will support both drawers to finish cooking at the same time. Ultimately, it would be a perfect device for you if you are on a budget and desire to air-fry different foods simultaneously.

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