Haylou G3 TWS Earbuds review: Tailored to support your unique gaming requirements!

November 28, 2022


  • 13mm customized and dynamic drivers
  • Durable and attractive ABS-made build
  • 20-hour longer battery life with case
  • ENC noise-cancellation technology


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Haylou G3

A fundamental change has occurred in many people’s way of listening to music as a result of the introduction of wireless earphones. There is no cable between the left and right earpieces, so these earbuds provide consumers with a tangle-free listening experience. These goods are well-liked because of their mobility and elegant design. The earbuds are small and can be taken around in a charging case.

If you’re looking for wireless earbuds, the perfect model would have superb audio quality, a stylish design, a long battery life, and a comfortable in-ear fit. According to Haylou, Haylou G3  TWS Gaming Earbuds were created just for you. The device’s high-bass speakers, reliable wireless networking, RGB lighting effect, and long-lasting battery make it ideal for gamers. Let’s have a look at the features.

Design and build

Premium Elegant Design

The gadget is constructed of durable ABS materials and has a beautiful, ergonomic, professional appearance and a wonderful RGB lighting effect. The charging case features a one-of-a-kind, robust, and compact structure in the shape of a curved shape that fits perfectly into your pocket. You also use the earbuds half-in-ear since they feature an ergonomic design with a little stem to preserve the touch control screen and magnetic charging pins.

Durable build quality reflects an enticing and water-resistant design!

Haylou earphones have a length of 6.5×6.3×2.5cm. The IPX4 water resistance allows the earphones to withstand splashes, so you never have to worry when participating in any pastime, to travel, or working out. The device weighs 150g.

Sound quality

Haylou G3 TWS Earbuds

All consumers are guaranteed outstanding sound quality thanks to each earbud’s 13mm customized drivers. It improves your whole music experience by triggering crisp trebles, deep bass, and a HiFi listening experience. It has two working modes – Cinema mode and Music mode and professional gaming mode.

Proficient driver to embrace sound quality through multiple modes!

In the music mode, the sound is largely balanced and neural, the applicability is fairly broad, and it may present well in various musical styles. In the movie mode, the feelings of the environment are more lifelike, and there is a greater sense of presence. The RGB effect will likewise vary as the mode does at the same time. The AELC adaptive compensation technique will also help generate stereo sound effects in all modes. You will enjoy playing video games in professional mode with a latency of as little as 0.045s. Clean and transparent vocal performance and delicately repaired sound quality are also present. The mid-high frequency is also very cozy, and the sound is very rich in the tri-frequency resolution.


45mAh battery

The wireless gaming earphones have a 45mAh battery for power. On a single battery, it can play music for up to 4.5 hours. The listening time is predicted to increase to 20 hours with the case. Additionally, the device features stunning RGB lighting effects for an improved gaming experience.

The long-lasting battery supports Type-C charging!

On the top of the charging case in the cyberpunk gaming aesthetic, there is a sticker bearing the G3 product model’s brand. The mechanism seems quite tough and gorgeous with its stark contrast of yellow and black and its angular design. The back of the fuselage is where the type-C charging interface is positioned. The design of this charging case includes a translucent box cover, which allows for a lighting effect.


Haylou G3 TWS Earbuds

The intelligent noise cancellation system and Bluetooth 5.1 chip are there with the Haylou G3 TWS Gaming Earbuds. This profile promises to offer faster, more reliable data transmission within a 10-meter radius without losing audio quality. Because it interacts easily with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, we can also use it with smartphones, PCs, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It incorporates a touch control mechanism that allows you to monitor operations simply.

Wireless connectivity brings more fun and convenience!

The earphone’s touch area is located at the bottom of the handset stem, allowing for high-precision touch operation and accurate command identification. It can realize “answer/hang up calls, play/pause music, reject incoming calls, previous/next song,” and long press the left earbud to realize “gaming mode on/off.”

Controls of haylou G3

  • Tap once L/R earbuds: play/pause music 
  • Tap once L or R earbud: answer/hang up
  • Double tap L or R earbud: reject the call
  • Double tap L/R: previous/next 
  • Long press L earbud 2s: game mode ON/OFF
  • Long press R earbuds 2s: music /movie mode

Call and latency

Haylou G3 TWS Earbuds

The Haylou G3 supports ENC call noise cancellation, detects background noise and removes it, and also considerably reduces wind noise. Not only can it effectively reduce background noise, but it can also make and receive transparent and clear calls. In game mode, the Taylor G3’s low latency of 45 min makes it possible to synchronize audio and visual elements.

ENC noise-reduction profile is something to trigger more comfort during phone calls!

Additionally, it has been specifically calibrated for the game mode, enhancing the game sound effect accuracy in recognizing gunshots and footfalls. Every time, the gunshot’s position can be heard in advance, and the sensorless delay does have some significant benefits. Each earbud also comes with two high-definition microphones and the DNN (deep neural network) algorithm, which simulates human speech.


As this review’s prior statements have shown, if you consider yourself a game junkie, these gaming headphones provide you with a variety of features tailored to your requirements. You understand how enticing it is to be able to move about without having to negotiate complicated connections since it gives you more time to devote to the game. You should make a few additional considerations in addition to the ones already mentioned in this post when choosing a pair of authentic wireless headphones.

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