Xiaomi launched Mijia Wiha household toolbox

November 16, 2022

Earlier this month, Xiaomi released the Mijia Wiha household toolbox and started crowdfunding on Xiaomi Mall. It contains 60 repair tools. The original price is 1999 yuan ($280), and the crowdfunding price is 1699 yuan ($238).

Tomorrow, this product will end its crowdfunding. As of the moment of writing this article, the Mijia Wiha household toolbox has received support from more than 17,000 people, and the crowdfunding amount has exceeded 930,000 yuan ($132,000).

What will you find inside the Mijia Wiha household toolbox?

There are 60 pieces of professional home decoration creations in the Mijia Wiha household toolbox. The set includes a screwdriver, precision screwdriver, short handle screwdriver, ratchet wrench, hexagon socket, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, pliers wrench, hammer, degausser, tape measure, and level.

Mijia Wiha household toolbox

The PicoFinish precision screwdriver handle is slender, and you can rotate it quickly. It is suitable for fine work and effectively reduces user fatigue. The SoftFinish’s original octagonal handle fits the palm and is efficient and labor-saving. The stubby short handle design can easily cope with narrow working environments.

The jaws of the wire pliers adopt a three-point clamping design. The hardness of the jaws can reach about 64HRC, and can cut 1.8mm spring steel. It comes with a DynamicJoint patented technology, which saves 20% labor when cutting.

The jaws of the needle-nose pliers are designed with a twill mesh serration to ensure higher elasticity and stability when clamping and bending objects. The jaws are made of C70 high-carbon steel, with a hardness of about 64HRC, which can easily cut various types of steel wires.

The toolbox adopts high-quality injection molding technology, and the L-shaped box body is designed with reinforcing ribs. It dramatically improves the strength of the toolbox. The tailor-made storage space can effectively prevent tools from colliding and meet the carrying-out needs.

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