Xiaomi launches 1040+ pcs military car in its Jupiter Dawn smart building block series

November 15, 2022

Xiaomi has a wide series of block toys. They are ideal for both adults and kids. The main advantage of such products is that they help to understand how the world is built and develops thinking. They also have excellent build quality, use eco materials, look attractive, and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Today, the company launched a new product in the category. The new toy comes from the Jupiter Dawn smart building block series. It is called “Hound Chariot.” It will start crowdfunding on November 16 at Xiaomi Mall. The crowdfunding price is 299 yuan ($42), and the future retail price is 349 yuan ($49).

Xiaomi building block car highlights

This armored battlefield car uses 1040+ building blocks. At the same time, the whole vehicle is covered with composite armor. On the top, we can find a 360°rotating close-up gun. Whereas on the front, there is a guillotine-shaped bumper. On the opposite side, we can see a storage fuel tank. Externally, the product has a shape of a hard-core sci-fi machine. So we guess it should attract those who like building military cars.

Xiaomi building block car

Also, the Xiaomi Hound Chariot car uses a wireless dual-axis motor with a speed of 220 rpm. Apart from this, our protagonist supports Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh protocol wireless remote control, game engine development, low latency and high response speed, real-time display of vehicle driving data, and a vibration feedback function to enjoy the driving experience. Thus, it will be ready to drive once you finish building the car.

As for the entire Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn series, products in this category have a sci-fi appearance. When building toys, you will see that they resemble the actual look of the original cars. Moreover, it can produce special effects with corresponding headsets and VR technology support.

At present, the Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn series has launched Jupiter Dawn Defender Launcher, Cetus Spaceship, Shepherd Vehicle, Pioneer Engineering Vehicle, Orion Hexapod Titan, Flying Fish Shuttle, and other products.


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