Xiaomi pulsator washing machine 10kg can automatically weigh clothes

November 11, 2022

Xiaomi has released many washing machines. They do not fall behind other brands’ products. We mean Xiaomi is not considered a traditional washing machine manufacturer. Still, its experience in many other fields, a huge user base, a very powerful engineering team, and other factors help the company to make smart products for any niche. This one is no exception. Today, the new Xiaomi pulsator washing machine 10kg went on sale. The biggest selling point of this product is that it can intelligently sense the weight of clothes and support the self-cleaning of healthy buckets. The initial retail price is 799 yuan ($111).

(It’s a Mijia product, so that you will meet another name, Mijia pulsator washing machine 10kg.)

Mijia pulsator washing machine 10kg

In terms of appearance, the Xiaomi pulsator washing machine 10kg is made of PCM metal. The product has a titanium gray design. This makes the product look simple but confident.

As for capacity, the washing machine has a 10kg large-capacity inner cylinder. According to the official introduction, it can wash 45 pieces of shirts and 4 pieces of one-meter floor-to-ceiling curtains.

At the same time, it supports intelligent weighing perception. Once done, it will automatically adjust the water volume, saving water efficiently. Also, there are 24-hour smart appointments to master the freedom of laundry.

This washing machine has 10 special washing modes. So you can wash clothes of different materials with no worries. It can adjust the appropriate water level according to the number of clothes.

The Xiaomi pulsator washing machine 10kg adopts a five-blade cyclone pulsator. The latter can effectively disintegrate stubborn stains by improving the stirring power of water flow and 360-degree three-dimensional scouring.

Lastly, this washing machine supports the self-cleaning mode of the drum. Due to it, the machine will self-clean the inner and outer drums with high-speed water flow.

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