Bezior X-Plus Electric Bike review: Attractive build for daily commuting!

November 25, 2022


  • 6061 aluminum alloy metal frame
  • Powerful 1500W brushless motor
  • Long-lasting 17.5Ah battery
  • 26″ fat tires
  • LCD digital meter


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Bezior X-Plus

Foldable electric bikes are great companions for commuters when it comes to eco-friendly traveling. The market for these innovative vehicles continues to evolve exponentially worldwide. Today, we are here to mull over such a device named Bezior X-Plus. It is the latest development with a 1500W motor, 200kg load capacity, and IP54 rating to cover local distances and mountain riding. In this guide, readers will come across in-depth thoughts and insights into the Bezior X-Plus bike review to go with the right one.

Bezior is a reputed and awarding e-bike manufacturing organization founded in 2018. It is an experienced enterprise with an enormous global customer base. The brand of You SU YI Supply Chain (HK) Ltd. is successful in registering matchless growth and success in the industry. The company hosts a creative team, a favorable working environment, and a deep emphasis on the research, development, and manufacturing of electric vehicles. All in all, Bezior is a stringent integration to consider buying quality and performance-oriented products at reasonable prices.

Physical appearance and construction

Bezior X-Plus electric Bike

Let’s investigate the look and build first. The external view of the electric bike is phenomenally elegant and straightforward, with multiple alluring prospects. The firm proceeds smartly to collect the foldable physique for the bike by utilizing the stiff 6061 aluminum alloy frame. It is tough, durable, and attractive after passing the T4T6 treatment. Further, the foldable body is set to permit people to store the vehicle in the car trunk without hassle. You will witness resounding physical aesthetics for a confident journey.

The foldable bike features a composition of various value-added technicalities and utilities. On the handlebar, it places a larger display meter, an accelerator, a brake, and some other routine functions. The folding process is simple and quickly reduces the bike’s size. The rear wheelbase houses a motor while the battery is hidden in the chassis.

Solid metal physique is foldable and durable!

On the front, the bike installs a brighter LED headlight. With 26” fat tires, the folding bike looks like the modern fashion with disc-braking systems. Also, the metal body certifies the IP54 waterproof rating to ensure confident riding through the waters. In terms of load capacity, the bike is strong enough to bear up to 200kg of weight. It measures 198x115x85cm and weighs 30.5kg.


S900 Smart LCD

It is no secret that the latest innovative bikes come with an LED screen on the handle. It is a remarkable profile to embrace traveling to a massive extent. The Bezior bike also earns the same integration in the form of an S900 smart LCD meter on the cockpit. It is a brighter and more beautiful instrument to let you read the riding information clearly in the daylight. One can see the display adjusted in the middle of the handlebar. It measures 110×61.5mm in size to show the content with pride.

LCD digital instrument is larger and brighter!

Moreover, the LCD display offers several benefits. It intends to support enthusiasts with real-time traveling data to ensure they enjoy impeccable riding. People will enjoy the current speed, battery status, riding mode, mileage, etc. Additionally, it will also present the headlight sign when you turn on the headlight.


Powerful Motor

As far as the motor is associated, the Bezior folding bike looks magnificent and solid with the high-performance motor. Individuals are sure to admire the component since it is powerful enough to trigger efficient riding and power output. The vehicle installs a high-speed 1500W brushless motor. It is a lightweight motor with a star gear design to stimulate torque and energy efficiency conversion rate. Moreover, the proficient motor is the resourceful destination of energy and power for the folding bike. It supports overall operations successfully to handle critical and complex situations.

Brushless motor can conquer slopes and uneven roads!

In terms of speed and other perks, the vehicle is tasked to deliver up to 40km/h speed with its full power. Therefore, clients will have the essential strength to navigate local streets and adventurous places with more delight and confidence. The bike will permit travelers to switch between three biking modes – Electric Mode, Power-Assist Mode, and Riding Mode. At the same time, people will also have no worries about climbing the slope of up to 38-degree.


Larger battery

When we came to explore the power zone of the bike, some surprises waited for us. It configures the powerful 18650 lithium battery with 48V 17.5Ah storage capacity. Passengers will have no hassle in enjoying eco-friendly journeys with a rechargeable battery pack.

Powerful lithium battery offers several protections and impressive mileage!

Furthermore, the foldable vehicle retains the utmost stamina to handle tough conditions on its own. The lithium battery is hidden inside the frame completely to perform the assigned responsibility. It further triggers multiple protections and waterproof & dustproof profiles for longer service. On every charge, the high-voltage battery can incite riding up to 130km in the power-assist mode.


Rugged tires

Tires play a critical role in dealing with multiple types of riding scenarios. Bezior consumes this thing well and reflects good integration at the bottom unit. It features a pair of solid 26×4.0” off-road pneumatic tires to improve your traveling marvelously. These are specifically molded to withstand harsh and uneven road conditions and rough terrains superbly.

Durable rubber tires come with efficient braking and gear transmission!

Additionally, the folding bike comes with a larger double-shoulder oil spring suspension fork. For braking, it installs Zoom power-off hydraulic oil brakes on both tires. The 27-speed transmission system is also there to add more comfort and convenience.


No doubt, the Bezior X-Plus folding electric bike is a remarkable pick for local commuting and mountain riding. The bike is designed and loaded superbly with state-of-the-art configurations to promote a super convenient riding experience. It acknowledges a 1500W brushless motor, 17.5Ah long-lasting battery, an LCD instrument, dual hydraulic brakes, and solid 26” tires. All in all, the bike seems to cater to users’ versatile riding requirements efficiently.

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