Eachine Mobula Delta Wing FW650 RC Airplane review: Designed to unlock versatile possibilities!

November 27, 2022


  • Solid EPP material build
  • 2700KV powerful motor
  • Long-lasting 900mAh battery
  • Captivating camera mounting style


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Eachine Mobula Delta Wing FW650

With the consistent innovation in the FPV drone bracket, enthusiast people continue to retain competent stuff from different manufacturers. Eachine is one of the reputed and well-known brands in the market with an all-encompassing product portfolio. The Eachine Mobula Delta Wing FW650 RC Airplane is one of them to come with a gorgeous range of technicalities. Today, we are here to dig in-depth insights into the RC drone to learn about its various prospects, capabilities, limitations, etc. Make sure to stay connected to find something must-know before adding the product to the cart.

Talking about the brand itself, Eachine is a prestigious technology manufacturing company. It is committed to developing high-end products by combining technology with creativity. One of the key goals is to serve the customer base with top-quality RC drones at the best possible prices. Further, Eachine utilizes best-in-class protocols and innovative prospects to ensure every product meets the needs of end customers and the market. The famous RC brand keeps high standards for quality developments at pocket-friendly rates.

External appearance and construction

Eachine Mobula Delta Wing FW650 RC Airplane

Before we move forward to elaborate on the technical specifications, let’s spare some time to discuss the product’s build quality and look. Honestly, the physical development and appearance of the RC drone are inspired by real airplane design. It is essentially designed for mid/high-speed FPV wings using some solid EPP materials. The overall look seems fascinating and captivating with dual wings on both sides. The ending edge of both fins is curved upright to obtain a more stylish look. Also, both fins depict the brand name and logo on top. The drone comprises a dual-blade fan on the back to support and elevate flight strength.

Elegant construction comes with solid build quality!

Furthermore, the main body of the quadcopter reflects solid aesthetics with two black-colored fins standing upright near the back panel. The middle part has a larger space inside with a lucrative protrusion of a detachable lid to cover electronics. The notable thing is the special camera-mounting design that makes the nose clean and protects the camera without blocking the view. The whole construction shows magnificent craftsmanship in the dual (white & black) color combination. In terms of physical measurement, the Eachine airplane comes with a 650mm wingspan and 305mm length. The package drone measures 330x210x150mm.


Powerful Motor

The key source of strength for the RC drone is the integrated motor. Eachine seems to have followed a thoughtful process to get the nod for the 2004 2700KV motor. It is a brilliant package of energy and tenacity to support overall functionality and flight. The integration intends to trigger an efficient flight without observing any lag. What is more promising about the overall performance and motor output? We should praise the unique implementation in collaboration with 5125-2 prop to bring a phenomenal combination for the wing.

The airplane features a thrust line to develop the special turning for high-speed flight. The wiring is likely to be more convenient and simpler to manage with the involvement of a large room for electronics. Physically, the motor mounting hole measures 9*9mm-12*12mm *M2. Enthusiasts will capture a max speed of up to 35km/h to feel the real taste of successful aerial photography.

Powerful motor produces promising speed and power!

The RC drone comes in three versions – Mobula KIT Lite, Mobula PNP, and Mobula FPV PNP. The FPV version acknowledges the new ATOMRC TX500mw VTX to create a clear image and powerful output. Also, the LED digital tube ensures easier setting of power and frequency.


Eachine Mobula Delta Wing FW650 RC Airplane

When it comes to analyzing the power corridor of the drone, the RC airplane gains a 4s 900mAh 45C battery. It weighs 100g. The powerful battery promises that people will have impressive flight time every time they recharge the battery.

Powerful 4S battery is all set to empower the overall performance!

Likewise, customers will find a dedicated slot on the top of the plane. It is a larger room to insert the battery.



As far as the camera integration is concerned, the Eachine Mobula Delta Wing RC Airplane is attractive and efficient with the special design camera mounting. It is truly a dedicated strive to keep the nose of the plane clean and trigger better protection for the camera lens.

The integrated camera mounting design is secure and stylish!

In addition to that, the camera drone encompasses two extra covers for the camera. It is presented in a way that avoids the blockage of the camera view.


It is no secret that the FPV drone segment has proceeded to attain unapproachable milestones in the recent era. Countless drone manufacturers and exporters have come forward to make the competition tougher than ever before. Eachine is an experienced drone manufacturer with lots of high-end products for beginners and professionals.

The Eachine Mobula Delta Wing FW650 RC drone is a wonderful integration to meet the intended purpose. It adopts a special camera mounting design, 2700KV motor, ATOMRC TX500mw VTX, 35km/h speed, and 4S 900mAh battery. It is ideal for mid or high-speed FPV wings with V tail design to improve stability during high-speed flight. Hopefully, readers will find this Eachine Mobula Delta Wing FW650 RC drone review valuable to make the right buying decision.

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