Duotts D20 electric scooter review: Designed for adventurous journeys!

November 27, 2022


  • Dual 1600W brushless DC motors
  • Long-lasting 25.6Ah battery
  • Stronger aluminum alloy chassis
  • Dual headlights
  • Powerful 70km/h speed and 35° slope climbing


  • Larger charging time

Duotts D20

The new era of eco-friendly vehicles is getting evolved with the drastic competition worldwide. Adventure lovers always look for tough and fascinating developments to extract the best experiences of unknown places. The latest Duotts D20 folding electric scooter can be a true companion for enthusiasts in this sense. It is another gem to join the portfolio with an extended blend of impressive technicalities and features. This guide strives to share in-depth thoughts and insights into the Duotts D20 electric scooter review to let customers find crucial details.

Being a reputed manufacturing organization in the market, Duotts is highly-appreciated for delivering high-quality products at affordable prices. Since its inception years back, the brand has continued to nurture its core values and abilities to design, produce and export high-end products for the global markets. Further, the company has lodged appreciable expansion and growth in the electric scooter world with perfect testing facilities and stringent technical force. Duotts ensures timely and stable supply along with reliable quality and sincere services. It welcomes OEM orders, and its products are confident of meeting international standards, i.e., FCC, CE, UL, Rosh, etc.

Design and construction

Duotts D20 electric scooter

The external appearance of the scooter is literally awesome and straightforward with some alluring prospects. Like many other inventions, Duotts again proceeds to achieve the foldable physique for the latest endeavor by utilizing the solid aluminum alloy frame. It is tough, durable, and attractive as well to woo passengers at the prima facia. The unique and stylish foldable body permits people to store the vehicle in the car trunk effortlessly. It reflects astounding physical aesthetics to stun beginners as well as professionals.

Plenty of things are there to take into consideration about the foldable scooter. It is a brilliant composition of a number of value-added features and utilities. On the handlebar, one can notice a display meter, an accelerator, a brake, and some other routine functions. Users will have the quick folding process to reduce the bike’s size significantly. Near the bottom panel, there is a pair of headlights mounted on the front, along with a horn.

A foldable physique is always convenient to handle!

A rotatable folding clamp is provided near the headlights. The pedal surface is wider to help you stand stress-free. Under the standing dais, there is a hidden battery and controller. Also, the folding scooter gains an IPX4 waterproof rating to make you confident while riding through the waters. If the scooter can bear up to 120kg of load capacity, a good portion of the credit goes to 10” durable rubber tires. The pair comes with a dual hydraulic braking system.


Superior Display

The handlebar display has become an integral part of current-age electric vehicles. It is always the top priority of manufacturers to embrace their developments with this unique kind of proposition. Accordingly, the new Duotts D20 scooter also boasted an LED dashboard on the cockpit. It is a brighter meter, and you can read the information clearly in the daylight. The unit is adjusted on the right side of the handlebar in a circular shape. Although the size of the display gauge is not large, it successfully conveys the intended information.

Check your current speed and mileage in real-time now!

No doubt, the digital meter brings several advantages for passengers. It is a good source to facilitate riders with real-time journey data so that they enjoy informed and safer trips. You will come to analyze the current speed, remaining battery capacity, riding mode, mileage, etc. It will portray the headlight sign when you turn on the headlight. Eventually, the display is a product component for users to let them collect a safer and more delightful trip experience.


Powerful Motor

The motor is always the fundamental factor for an electric scooter to trigger the desired performance. In the case of the Duotts D20 folding scooter, customers are likely to admire the component heartily. The vehicle installs dual motors for a great purpose. It has a pair of 1600W motors embedded in both wheels to attain the apex level of performance and satisfaction.

The high-speed brushless motor is the elementary source of energy and power for the folding scooter. The total power of 3200W motors looks efficient to handle critical and complex situations confidently. Officially, the vehicle is supposed to deliver up to 70km/h speed with its full stamina. Passengers will have the required support to navigate local streets and conquer adventurous places confidently.

Dual brushless DC motors provide great stamina!

Furthermore, the powerful brushless motor provides riders with three-speed levels – 25km/h, 45km/h, and 70km/h. Also, they will have no worries while climbing the slope since they can conquer the 35-degree angle hassle-free.


Duotts D20 electric scooter

As far as the power corridor is concerned, the Duotts D20 off-road electric scooter is again successful in pleasing riders with impeccable surprises. Since electric vehicles are generated to appreciate eco-friendly journeys, the battery is the prime ingredient to support the philosophy.

The power area of the Duotts D20 scooter retains the proficient stamina to handle complexities in its own unique style. It configures a powerful 60V 25.6Ah lithium battery to perform the assigned responsibility. The high-voltage battery is said to deliver up to 60km (with a 65kg load) of mileage on every charge to facilitate daily commuting needs.

A long-lasting battery intends to perform well across all situations!

Additionally, the scooter also acknowledges some sorts of safety protections to create safer trips for travelers. It delivers good protection against over-charging, over-heating, over-current and short-circuits, etc. The charging time is approx. 8-10 hours.


Duotts D20 electric scooter

It is great to choose a transport companion with solid tires and tough chassis for adventure trips. The same thing can be observed with Duotts’s latest folding electric scooter. It unites a pair of ready-to-roll 10” off-road pneumatic tires to enhance your traveling marvelously. Rubber tires are particularly generated to withstand harsh and uneven road conditions and rough terrains. It pledges to retain constant traction with the road to ensure you enjoy a comfortable riding experience.

Off-road pneumatic tires are simply efficient!

In terms of the braking module, the Duotts D20 features hydraulic oil brakes for both tires. It is relatively more comfortable to enjoy good riding during an emergency.


Concluding the discussion, the Duotts D20 off-road electric scooter is most probably a brilliant choice for local commuting and adventure riding. It is a competent and high-end assembly with several performance-driven features. Dual 1600W brushless motors, 25.6Ah long-lasting battery, a digital meter, dual hydraulic brakes, aluminum alloy construction, and solid 10” tires make the scooter a stunning alternative for enthusiasts.

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  • Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, the frame supports a load capacity of up to 120kg.
  • The high-definition LED display ...
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