Xnano X1 Projector review: The Android machine with 8K decoding!

November 27, 2022


  • Stylish and portable design in a square shape
  • 1080p high-resolution display
  • Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 5W dual speakers
  • Powerful Amlogic T972 quad-core processor


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Xnano X1

Projector devices are now more popular than ever before. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the demand for the same in recent years. Amidst the fierce competition, Xnano X1 Projector is one to hit the lead with a package of performance-centric configurations. In the realm of ‘Work from Home’, people also do look for innovative solutions to revolutionize home entertainment. The in-hand 1080p projector can be drastic to be the preliminary choice for many people. This guide details the Xnano X1 projector review for customers who want to snatch in-depth insights and valuable thoughts.

Xnano continues to observe unique customers’ digital requirements and deliver wonderful products in the projector segment. After being discovered years back, the Chinese manufacturer has implemented state-of-the-art technologies and advanced modules to assemble something valuable and extraordinary. In the domain of projectors, Xnano has earned a good reputation and lodged several success stories. Consistent innovation, discipline, and a smart understanding of customers’ modern needs are some factors to stimulate great product construction.

Physical build & construction

Xnano X1 Projector

Projector devices are always portable. The under-discussion Xnano X1 also demonstrates a creative, portable, and stylish physique to woo customers in the prima facia. The square shape design is decorated wonderfully with glossy and sleek aesthetics. The company has utilized high-grade materials impeccably to construct a portable physique. On the front, the projection machine manages to place the main projection lens on the left side along with the brand logo on the opposite side.

Portability and style are something to appreciate!

The top surface features a delicate strip with half-circle ends to contain some operational buttons. Moving to the right side, the Xnano projector boasts some physical ports, including USB, HDMI, AV, TF card reader, and a 3.5mm jack. When you see the back panel, the square device has a satisfying trap for heat dissipation. In terms of physical measurement, the equipment measures 243x195x95mm and weighs 1.6kg. In addition to that, the projector also comes with an external remote controller to manage things from a distance.


1080p high-resolution

People will experience good satisfaction in terms of the display compartment. They are supposed to enjoy a decent picture and video quality, thanks to several major factors to elevate the overall projection. It can generate up to 200-inch projection size on the canvas from a distance of 6 meters. It is a high-quality LCD projection display to make a picture of up to 1080p resolution along with 1.67 million colors, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and HDR10+ profiles.

1080p resolution display triggers lovely picture projection!

Another promising pointer is the support for 8K decoding and AI auto-focus. The 4-point auto keystone correction allows users to enjoy great display presentations from any angle. More fascinating, the projector comes with 12000 lumens of brightness to let you enjoy a remarkable picture projection during day time. All in all, the Xnano X1 projector seems proficient in presenting excellent display creation for an enhanced movie experience.


Amlogic 912 quad-core

Indubitably, the overall functionality of the projection device highly depends on the central processing system it configures. You might appreciate the Xnano projector in this regard since it dares to integrate a powerful processing unit under the hood. It acknowledges the Amlogic T972 quad-core (Cortex-A55) processor with promising clock frequency to obtain unmatched performance across diverse scenarios.

The quad-core processor is more potent and performance-oriented!

If we talk about the storage space it comes with, you’ll feel some relief at the moment. Users will have the privilege to store multimedia files and other data in the local 16GB internal storage. The 2GB RAM intends to support the overall operations for smoother flow and consistency. In addition, the projector’s software zone installs the Android 9.0 operating system to unlock more possibilities for users.


Xnano X1 Projector

One of the highlighting blessings of the projector is the support for a range of connectivity protocols. Avid people will enjoy the flexibility while connecting the device to a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. They can transmit the data either wirelessly or through physical connections.

Wired and wireless connectivity create a stunning atmosphere!

The unit comprises Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band (2.4G/5G) Wi-Fi to help users enjoy wireless connectivity. You can opt for any suitable physical port to make the connection more solid and stable. It manifests dual HDMI ports, dual USB ports, an AV port, and a 3.5mm audio jack. Hence, the Xnano projection machine gains omnidirectional facilities to ensure you won’t encounter any frustration.


Dual 5W speaker

What about the audio output? Well, the projector again strikes smartly to nurture individuals with fascinating sound outputs. It installs a duo of 5W speakers to let you enjoy immersive sound quality to enhance the gaming and movie experience. It supports high-end features, including Dolby Audio and Dolby Digital, etc.

Inbuilt speakers are good to hear!

Talking about screen mirroring, people can share the screen from several devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets to present the content on a larger display. It permits individuals to watch movies, generate reports, play games or do online teaching without any stress.


All in all, the Xnano X1 projector is a fabulous development in terms of design, construction, and technical configurations. It has the potential to create a 1080p 200” display with up to 12000 lumens of brightness. Similarly, the device acknowledges dual 5W speakers, an Amlogic processor, and inbuilt an Android 9.0 OS to encourage more excitement. Hopefully, readers will find the Xnano X1 projector review helpful and proceed with an informed buying decision.

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