Mijia Thermostatic Kettle 2 Pro launched at 199 yuan ($26)

November 7, 2022

Earlier today, Xiaomi launched a new kitchen product. We are talking about the Mijia Thermostatic Kettle 2 Pro. As the name implies, we are dealing with the second-gen kettle, which also comes with improved features. The starting price is 199 yuan ($26).

Mijia Thermostatic Kettle 2 Pro specs

The product page shows that the Mijia Thermostatic Kettle 2 Pro has a capacity of 1.7L. At the same time, it supports 1800W fast heating and 24-hour long-term heat preservation. There is an LED display, a smart light ring, and large buttons. The special coating can effectively reduce noise. In effect, the kettle will operate at less than 45dB (A) noise.

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In terms of functions, the Mijia Electric Kettle 2 Pro supports stepless knob temperature adjustment. Shortly, you can adjust the temperature by 1 °C. Also, through the Mijia app, you can set any temperature you want. Moreover, you can set the temperature in advance and schedule when the kettle should turn on.

Mijia Thermostatic Kettle 2 Pro

Like the previous Xiaomi water kettles, this one also provides various boiling water functions. The Mijia Electric Kettle 2 Pro supports intelligent multi-mode water boiling, providing tap and pure water modes.

Mijia Thermostatic Kettle 2 Pro

Regarding safety, the Mijia Electric Kettle 2 Pro adopts the inner and outer double-layer kettle body design to form an intermediate insulation layer. Also, it supports triple power protection, including automatic power-off for dry heating, high-temperature fuse protection, and automatic power-off for water. The pure water mode allows us to heat the water at a temperature we want and drink.

This water kettle supports a two-stage damping opening lid. It also uses a one-piece 304 stainless steel liner and is considered a food-contact-grade product.

Xiaomi water kettle

Generally, all previous water kettles coming our way from Xiaomi have always been considered ideal products. This one is no exception.

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