AirAux AA-DH1 TWS Speaker review: Powerful bass booster with stereo pairing!

November 27, 2022


  • 4500mAh high-endurance battery
  • Bluetooth v5.1 stable wireless connectivity
  • 50W powerful output
  • 8 colorful RGB lighting modes
  • IPX5 waterproof certification


  • A bit larger physique

AirAux AA-DH1

Amidst the trending realm of Bluetooth wireless earbuds, the market potential for wireless Bluetooth portable speakers has also magnified exponentially. People love entertainment, and these portable and handy devices are far better to bestow enthusiasts with the next level of entertainment. Today, we have a similar product, called the AirAux AA-DH1 TWS speaker, being examined for its various features and downsides. It shows a portable design with Bluetooth connectivity, a waterproof body, and multiple playing modes. Readers can stay on the page until the end to find some valuable insights before buying one.

Like many other reputed manufacturers and exporters, AirAux is also a well-respected and prestigious brand in the electronic product domain. It follows the doctrine: make what people really want, not just what they need. It strives to generate and deliver groundbreaking technologies with relentless innovation and unlimited passion. Its products are appreciated worldwide due to ergonomic design, unmatched quality, and high-end performance. AirAux looks forward to simplifying your life with thoughtful utilization of technology and innovation.

Design and construction

AirAux AA-DH1 TWS Speaker

For any portable music device, the physical construction and look really matter to customers. Considering the same for the product in hand, customers will not face any disappointment at all. The Bluetooth speaker is portable and super lightweight to ensure it isn’t any hassle to carry it outside. The manufacturer has used high-grade plastic materials to gain an attractive build in the horizontal design.

The device houses a handle on the top with a great hand grip and the brand name inscribed on it. On both sides of the handle, the unit has a shoulder strap to help you hang it on the shoulder. Just below the handle, you can see some physical buttons, including Bass, Brightness, Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down, TWS, and Power On/Off.

Style, portability, delicacy, and lightness in one unit!

Furthermore, the front side presents a pair of speakers hidden under the metal trap. When we check the backside, it boasts some physical (Aux, U Disk, TF Card) ports covered with a rubber lid. The IPX5 waterproof body is another mentionable characteristic of the speaker. It allows you to use the device across watery conditions confidently. Overall, the portable Bluetooth speaker is awesome and appealing, with a 34x13x17cm physical measurement and 2kg of weight.


50W dual power

The sound quality is the only output of the Bluetooth speaker. Makers always make intentional efforts to yield impeccable sound output by integrating high-quality drivers. The AA-DH1 speaker by AirAux is successful in capturing the duo of powerful 25W (each) speakers.

Powerful output with TWS Bass brings music to life!

The 50W power output is most likely to revolutionize your party time incredibly. The high-fidelity speaker triggers astounding bass and heavy beat sound to decorate your leisure time exceptionally. One can also find a dedicated Bass button on the unit to add deep bass to your music effortlessly. Further, enthusiasts will observe rocking party time with excellent stereo 360-degree sound and super clarity. The one-key bass button promises to add rich bass clearly, and a punchy sound to improve your musical life.


AirAux AA-DH1 TWS Speaker

The specialized music player is highly embraced and rich when it comes to connecting it to external devices. It supports both wireless and wired connectivity modules to extend more flexibility. If you love to enjoy wireless prospects, you should be thankful for the Bluetooth v5.1 aspect. Individuals are likely to capture efficient connectivity in real time since the device can transfer data within a 10m radius.

Solid wireless and wired connectivity promote delight and convenience!

What about physical connections? Users will come to notice some ports on the back panel. You can play the speaker through an SD card, a U disk, and an AUX cable. More fascinatingly, the Bluetooth speaker advocates one-kay wireless stereo pairing to help people pair two speakers simultaneously and create 100W cinema surround sound.


4500mAh battery

The power compartment of the unit gets something admirable to assist users with longer service life and powerful autonomy. It boasts a larger 4500mAh lithium battery inside the belly to meet the power requirements efficiently. Similar to many other developments in the same market segment, AirAux also endeavors to load the device with a high-capacity battery.

The long-lasting powerful battery delivers good endurance!

Users will get the speaker running for up to 10 hours on every charge. The charging time is 4 hours. In terms of lighting, the portable speaker exhibits 8 lighting effects to create more colorful scenarios with the rhythm of sound.


AirAux AA-DH1 TWS Speaker

Thankfully, the Bluetooth speaker can be used outdoors without any stress since it configures an IPX5 waterproof rating. Regardless of what the situation is, users are all set to play the speaker to unlock the endless show of music and entertainment.

A waterproof speaker is more fun to play with outdoors!

The music player will facilitate you with worry-free service even in the rain, and you’ll enjoy uninterrupted party time confidently.


Doubtlessly, the AirAux AA-DH1 TWS speaker successfully conquers the apex of appreciation. It combines brilliant configurations and nice build aesthetics to woo customers at first sight. In addition to the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity, you will also have the provision to undergo physical connections. Moreover, the powerful 4500mAh looks impressive in the context of 50W power and 8 colorful lighting modes. All in all, the portable device is worth noting in this price bracket.

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