Huawei WATCH GT Cyber is a detachable smartwatch

November 2, 2022

Have you ever thought about what the next generation of smartwatches will look like? We need longer battery life, more professional sports and health management options, more innovative design, etc. It seems that the newly-released Huawei WATCH GT Cyber is what we are talking about.

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At today’s conference, the Chinese company took wraps off the new smartwatch, which comes with an innovative form factor. With this in mind, the Huawei WATCH GT Cyber also brings a new use approach. This is the industry’s first detachable smart movement. This term allows smartwatches to achieve a flash-change case design.

Huawei WATCH GT Cyber

Appearance and the detachable design

The Huawei WATCH GT Cyber is available in more than 6 colorways and 6 major themes based on the three appearances of urban pioneer, sports function, and elegant. At the same time, we are talking about a rugged smartwatch that has passed 16 military tests, has a 5ATM waterproof rating, supports 100+ sports modes, and is specially designed for trendy cool players.

Huawei WATCH GT Cyber

Literally, the word Cyber ​​in Huawei WATCH GT Cyber ​​comes from Cyberpunk. The latter represents new technology and new trends.

Simply put, the smart movement of Huawei WATCH GT Cyber ​​has a built-in touch screen, processor, chip, a series of sensors, and batteries. At the same time, it can perform all the functions that a smartwatch should have. It is independent of the case, strap, and crown, and the latter can be replaced individually, thereby unlocking new ways to play smartwatches.

The Huawei WATCH GT Cyber ​​supports quick release and flash change. This statement refers to the modules mentioned above. Its push-button closure design allows a two-finger press to separate the case and the smart movement.

The urban pioneer model comes in obsidian black. The watch body comprises 316L stainless steel, a nano-microcrystalline ceramic bezel, and a multi-faceted hollow design.

Huawei WATCH GT Cyber

The sports function model adopts an octagonal body with a round dial, inlaid with four hexagonal screws, a fiber-reinforced composite bezel, and a body, and has a first-class mechanical appearance and texture.

The stylish and elegant case is even more sophisticated. The cushion-shaped case adopts a 316L stainless steel case and a nano-microcrystalline ceramic bezel. There are two colors of charming sea blue and moonlight white.

Sports and health monitoring

The Huawei WATCH GT Cyber ​​has 100+ rich sports modes. In addition to professional sports modes such as running, swimming, cycling, and skiing, it also provides hip-hop, boxing, skateboarding, parkour, etc. At the same time, it supports Five-star precise GPS positioning that can accurately record the user’s movement trajectory.

For health monitoring, the Huawei WATCH GT Cyber ​uses TruSeen 5.0+ technology, which supports all-weather health monitoring. Moreover, the sleep tracking feature has got tons of updates. So it can further improve the recognition accuracy of falling asleep and waking up based on multiple physiological parameters such as physical activity, heart rate, and HRV.

In terms of operations, you can use the watch to reply to messages, make Bluetooth calls, play music independently, use it as an NFC-enabled device, and so on. The watch supports wireless charging and reverse charging.

The Huawei WATCH ​​urban pioneer and stylish and elegant models are priced at 1,488 yuan ($204). At the same time, the sports function model costs 1,288 yuan ($177). They will start shipping on November 10.

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