Xiaomi launches smart blanket starting at 899 yuan ($123)

November 1, 2022

If you wonder whether there are still products that can’t be smart, just add the brand Xiaomi to the beginning of that product, then add the keyword Smart and search for it on major Chinese online platforms. If you still doubt, just know that today, the company launched a smart blanket. The Mijia Smart Temperature Control Plumbing Blanket will start crowdfunding tomorrow. The original price starts at 899 yuan ($123), and the crowdfunding price starts at 699 yuan ($96).

Xiaomi smart blanket features

One of the selling points of this product that also makes it a smart blanket is the support for intelligent circulating water heating, constant temperature, and comfortable sleep without drying. It also supports AVB zone-independent temperature adjustment to meet different temperature requirements. We understand that you might have safety concerns. However, it comes with 12 layers of safety protection. The product operates under 22dB. Plus, through the Mijia app, you can remotely make it warmer so that you don’t wait for bed warming.

Xiaomi smart blanket

This plumbing blanket has a dense arrangement of PVC hoses for faster coverage of warm flow, constant temperature heating, and a continuous plumbing cycle. The smart blanket adopts an A/B partition water tank, independent pipeline, and independent heating to meet the different temperature needs of two people.

The multi-layer structure wraps the hose. It is soft and has no foreign body feeling. A high loft holds more still air and reduces heat loss for longer-lasting warmth. You can add water for a single time and use it in winter. It will need only 0.7 kWh of electricity per night.

The smart blanket comes with a dual-control PTC ceramic heating core. It can precisely control the temperature at 25-55 degrees Celsius. The brushless DC variable frequency motor has a running noise of fewer than 22 decibels. So it won’t disturb sleep.

As said, it has 12 protections, such as circuit board flame retardant, water, and electricity separation protection, anti-leakage protection, anti-scald protection, anti-dry burning protection, automatic shutdown after 15 hours of operation, and child lock protection.

Via the Mijia app, you can set custom timers to start and stop warming the blanket.


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