Xiaomi Cotton Smith Heating Jacket review: Beat the cold in style

November 25, 2022


  • 40W high power
  • Four intelligent temperature modes
  • 100% polyester fiber
  • 3s quick heat


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Xiaomi Cotton Smith Heating Jacket

The leading Chinese technology manufacturer continues to make impressive strides in collecting innovative products under the portfolio. The latest Cotton Smith Y-Warm intelligent jacket is the next introduction to the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding program. It is a unique development for enthusiasts that would take them through the winter stress-free. The stylish jacket is highly proficient in combating deadly cold climates efficiently and bestows you with a comfortable wearing experience. This guide intends to mull over the detailed Cotton Smith Y-Warm heating jacket review to find the nitty-gritty out.

Cotton Smith is Xiaomi’s reputed partner under the crowdfunding program. It is tasked to manufacture high-grade fabric wearables and innovative jackets. Further, the brand has obtained a respected place in the market by introducing high-end products consistently. The firm has a massive customer base, especially in regions with cold climates. Unique and intelligent heating jackets are the most sought-after products in these areas. Overall, Cotton Smith continues to diversify its wings across global markets under Xiaomi’s Youpin crowdfunding integration.

Design and construction

Xiaomi Youpin Cotton Smith Y Warm Intelligent Heating Jacket

In terms of external appearance and development, the Xiaomi Youpin Cotton Smith Y-Warm heating jacket looks like a regular jacket we wear. The full-sleeve jacket adopts a beautiful structure with multiple pockets for a modern look. The jacket has used 100% polyester fiber to trigger stern and durable fabric construction in the fabric and lining composition. The assembly is great and admirable since the jacket successfully attains the desired purpose.

Y-Warm material is something special used in this jacket that we need to know about. It is a type of new material successfully developed by Tsinghua University. It will likely trigger a disruptive revolution in the material corridor to pave the way for innovative inventions. The polymer material liberates winter clothing from bloating. It also boasts a 0.83mm micro-thin thickness to constitute a polymer barrier to isolate energy transfer.

High-quality polyester fiber brings elegant construction in style!

You can see a small circular button near the external pocket on the right-hand side. It is used to control and adjust the temperature. There are some buttons on the strip used to join both ends. The neck of the jacket houses a cap to cover the head and prevent the intrusion of a cold breeze—Internals of the jacket capture some advanced modules intended to produce heat. Also, the jacket has some internal pockets (mobile power pockets) to carry the charging plug and other objects. In terms of size, customers can buy jackets in M, L, XL, and 2XL sizes.


Heating Jacket

Incredibly, the Cotton Smith Y-Warm intelligent heating jacket appears quite stunning and smart in terms of temperature management. Wearers will come across four intelligent heating temperature control mechanisms. It allows people to adjust the temperature anywhere between 38-degree C and 53-degree C. A dedicated button is integrated on the outer side to adjust the temperature as per requirements.

Further, individuals will have the freedom to choose from the four temperature modes – 38℃, 43℃, 48℃, and 53℃. More fascinatingly, each mode is implied with a specific color code to inform you about the chosen mode. You will see White, Green, Purple, and Red colors for all temperature units, respectively.

Four intelligent heating temperature system is simply remarkable!

The jacket also offers 99% electric heat conversion efficiency to ensure a brilliant wearer experience. Significantly, it doesn’t take too long to heat the jacket and heat the interiors in just one second. Also, the heating module takes only 3 seconds to achieve the highest temperature point.


Power Charging

The intelligent heating jacket comes with a peak of 40W power to manage overall operations successfully. In fact, you can switch between three power segments as per heating requirements. It permits users to utilize the power in terms of 40W, 18W, and 10W.

Efficient power is ensured to capture continuous heating!

With the inclusion of the 40W power heating, users will have a lovely wearing time altogether. It works prominently to cover efficient temperature lock and trigger ideal implementation to circulate the hot air evenly. Eventually, users will get continuous warmth for a longer time to face the cold climate comfortably.

App control

Xiaomi Youpin Cotton Smith Y Warm Intelligent Heating Jacket

With the rapid evolution of technology, digitization has gone in-depth across all facets of life, and so is the case with the intelligent heating jacket. The dedicated smart app can be used to utilize personalized settings.

Digital app control unlocks more possibilities for personalized settings!

One will have the privilege of connecting to the small program to adjust some basic temperature, gesture, and light effects. Hence, you can shuffle between various intelligent modules to set the desired parameters on the mobile app interface for a better experience.

Electric heating film

Furthermore, the heating jacket comprises thin and flexible carbon nanotube electric heating film under the lining. This technology is used for heat distribution, and it is also significant to note that this mechanism doesn’t develop any electromagnetic radiation. Ultimately, it makes the jacket superbly safer to use.

The carbon nanotube electric heating element is promised to ensure uniform warmth since it features several layers. It has an outer protective layer, nano heating layer, flexible electrode, thermistor, and a bottom protective layer. The unit supports a range of fast charging facilities, including the Type-C and USB dual-head design.

Carbon nanotube electric heating element distributes heat evenly!

Additionally, the Cotton Smith Y-Warm intelligent heating jacket comes with Level 5 waterproof profiles. It works amazingly to keep the cold air out to retain the warmth inside. During washing, users are advised to put the charging plug into the dedicated mobile power pocket and tighten the zipper for safety.


The Cotton Smith Y-Warm intelligent heating jacket is a revolutionary development in the fabric world. It is a reflection of advanced technologies embedded in the jacket to give you the desired heating in cold weather. 40W high power, inbuilt 0.83mm Y-Warm with low thermal conductivity, dual-charging design, four intelligent temperature modes, and a quick heating system are some of the highlighting configurations of the jacket. Overall, the Xiaomi Youpin Cotton Smith Y-Warm intelligent heating jacket is stunning to use in winter to enjoy comfortably and cozier.

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