Yume M10 Electric Scooter review: Solid, Powerful and Convenient!

November 25, 2022


  • Strong aluminum alloy frame
  • Highly customizable
  • Powerful dual motors
  • Good quality battery


  • Relatively heavier chassis
  • Water resistance could be better

Yume M10

It is no surprise that local commuting is much more reliable, convenient, and environment-friendly than ever before. Thanks to an overwhelming revolution in the electric vehicle segment, we now have numerous alternatives to explore places cheaply and more safely. Today, we are here to dissect the latest launch in the market, Yume M10 Folding electric scooter. In this detailed review, readers will scan all the rough and finest details of the newest vehicle in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

The folding electric scooter maker Yume came into existence in 2018 to create more powerful yet efficient scooters. It started its journey in 2018 after presenting its first generation of high-speed electric scooters. These scooters demonstrated high speed and were incredibly waterproof, safe, and quieter. Later, the company took quick time to snatch the leading place in the Chinese market before involving a global presence.

Build and appearance

Yume M10 Folding Electric Scooter

Checking the build quality is one of the prime things to consider before taking the first ride. Since most budget scooters come with inferior build quality, we can’t mention the same about the Yume M10. There would be no disappointment in the segment of development and design, and the scooter offers a decent look and consolidated build. It leads the competition with an innovative, foldable, and strong chassis. Using an aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame initiates a folding body to reduce the overall size.

In the cockpit, the scooter highlights several amenities for users. It positions a dedicated display on the right-hand side of the handlebar that is further connected to the finger throttle. The handle brings a comfortable hand grip for riders. On the front, you can notice a brighter LED headlight. In terms of lighting, the scooter hosts several lights on the deck, stem, and brake lights.

Below the deck, the folding scooter integrates a pair of rubber tires with a 10” diameter. These are rigid and potent to face all road conditions. Riders will also notice a side stand on the left side of the deck. Along with an IP54 waterproof rating, the solid body can bear the max 200kg payload confidently.

The strong construction is stylish for better riding!

In terms of physical dimensions, the Yume scooter measures 130x22x55cm (folding) and 130x22x140cm (unfolding). With 35kg weight on the scale, the scooter is a bit heavier development for most riders, and it becomes 37kg with the addition of a seat.


Yume M10 Folding Electric Scooter

There are several components in the cockpit of the e-scooter, and the LCD is one of them. It is placed on the right side of the handlebar as an efficient arrangement to assist riders with live vehicle data during operations. It is a brilliant integration to convey good real-time information regarding the journey to users.

A brighter display adds more fun and awareness!

Further, the display unit is brighter and more transparent and is ensured to deliver crucial data such as speed, battery status, riding mode, and other parameters. Enthusiasts are likely to have an informed journey since they are served with real-time tracking of essential things to improve safety, awareness, and joy.


Yume M10 Folding Electric Scooter

The motor is the most considerable part of electric vehicles. In the case of the Yume M10, riders will have a welcoming approach since the scooter accommodates a duo of massive 1200W brushless motors. The scooter’s speed entirely depends on this integration, and it can hit the top speed of 43 miles per hour. Ultimately, it is a competent integration to deliver impeccable performance in terms of speed and competency.

The powerful motor can manage complex trips efficiently!

Furthermore, the scooter has the efficacy to achieve up to 40mph speed on hilly terrains with a 30-degree inclination. Undoubtedly, we can attribute this performance to the highly efficient 2400W motors integrated into the scooter.


Yume M10 Folding Electric Scooter

As far as the battery’s power storage capacity is associated, users are likely to entertain a fabulous dose of stamina on every charge. The scooter moves exceptionally to board a powerful battery inside the chassis. It has a 60V 22.5Ah tesla-grade lithium battery inside the aluminum frame. It promises to support riders with no disappointment during operations. The battery further comes equipped with waterproof and dustproof integration to bring double protection.

Tesla-grade battery promises good performance on every charge!

Moreover, the foldable scooter boasts dual charging ports. The package includes a standard charger as well as a 5Ah fast charger to refill the battery in just 5.5 hours. Also, you’ll enjoy several safety protections.


Waterproof Bike

The Yume M10 scooter also earns the waterproof certification to add another privilege to commuting. With this provision, riders will have no hesitation to take a ride in the rain or other adverse atmospheres.

Riding in the rain is no hassle!

The chassis passes the IP54 waterproof rating, enabling the scooter to withstand dust and water efficiently.


The bottom panel of the electric foldable scooter reflects another magnificent competency for avid riders. It is a couple of solid and tough rubber tires with a 10-inch diameter to mesmerize individuals who seek to explore destinations differently.

Solid tires are efficient in meeting demanding purposes!

These tires are compatible with many other models on the market in terms of size to make it easy to find a replacement. Both tires are covered with fenders that serve as mudguards as well. Taking on challenging and complex road conditions and difficult terrains will be no hassle.


With safety being the top concern, the Yume M10 comes equipped with Zoom hydraulic disc brakes on both rear and front tires. The best part about this integration is that it is easy to operate as compared to cable disc brakes.

Braking is more accessible and smoother than ever before!

It brings added safety for enthusiast travelers across all situations, especially in an emergency. Eventually, the scooter has all to make your journey full of confidence, comfort, and convenience.


In a nutshell, the Yume M10 folding electric scooter might be incredible for those who are looking for an efficient vehicle for daily commuting. It is a well-assembled invention studded with advanced configurations and productive features. Overall, it seems like a worthful riding option with a foldable physique, 2400W motor, LED headlight, 22.5Ah lithium battery, and 10” rubber tires. The 35kg heavyweight chassis can be problematic for some people, however.

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