Hcalory HC-A01 diesel air heater review: A smarter device to control the cold!

November 25, 2022


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  • Efficient 5KW power
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Hcalory HC-A01

Heating devices are pretty popular and valuable in winter. Portable air heaters have become an excellent consideration to use in places where the climate tends to stay cooler throughout the year. They allow you to use it across multiple scenarios and enjoy the service worry-free. Among others, the Hcalory HC-A01 air heater is also a charming development in this regard. It equips a blend of productive configurations to help you keep the cold away and enjoy a warmer atmosphere. You can choose either the Bluetooth model or the basic model. This is a detailed review of the Hcalory HC-A01 Diesel Air Heater to dig deeper into the product to exhibit various attributes and specifications.

Founded in 2017, HCalory is one of the renowned brands in the zone of automotive heating equipment. The company intends to assemble, design, and manufacture elegant products to serve its clientele across the globe with superior heating solutions. During the recent five years, the firm has registered a mammoth growth in the respective field, thanks to consistent innovation, dedication, and the implementation of high-quality values and policies. Moreover, HCalory hires a group of professional technicians, top designers, and independent inspection and testing equipment.

Design and construction

Hcalory HC-A01 diesel air heater

In the first endeavor, we would like to scan the product’s physique and external appearance. Physically, the diesel air heater is a portable and lightweight development coming with an appealing design. The black-colored body is assembled fantastically with curvy aesthetics on the outer surface. The top side demonstrates a handle to support convenient carrying, while the front side houses respective outlets and inlets.

Portable construction is impressive with wider applicability!

On the left side, one can see the brand logo mentioned in the center of the openable lid. Users can also monitor crucial information, i.e., temperature, power, and other adjustments on the detachable display panel. Also, it has a fuel storage capacity of 5L. In terms of physical dimensions, the portable air heater measures 48.8x35x20cm. Overall, the heating appliance shows a superior and compact structure along with a fabulous look to meet your heating requirements in style.


Hcalory HC-A01 diesel air heater

It is no surprise that people always look to consider the rated power of the heating equipment before investing in one. It is a substantially significant factor concerning diesel air heaters, and users might discover a product with a higher power to meet daily heating requirements. In the context of the Hcalory HC-A01 air heater, customers will see 5KW rated power that looks impressive when it comes to meeting power needs.

5KW power delivers the right dose of heat every time!

An air heater with 12V 5KW rated power will most likely have the stamina to drastically back users’ requirements. With innovative design profiles, the portable device allows users to take t outside conveniently to warm up the realm across several scenarios. The unit of 5KW is enough to deliver a long-lasting service in collaboration with a well-aligned internal structure. It involves a heating zone, overheating protection device, control box, flame retardant impeller, combustion chamber, and air fan. It helps the unit to produce the required amount of heat and create a convivial atmosphere in the cabin.


Hcalory HC-A01 diesel air heater

This is what the portable diesel air heater is particularly designed for. The unit promises to serve users with the required dose of heat, and the temperature can be easily controlled using the given mechanism. Customers will be free to adjust the temperature intelligently within the range of 8-36. Further, you can switch between 1 to 10 gears per specific requirements. The working ambient temperature is -40-degree C to +40-degree C.

Temperature adjustment is a brilliant tool to generate a comfy environment!

Bluetooth LCD switch is another noticeable prospect configured in the Hcalory air heater. It facilitates individuals to adjust and control all the settings as per requirements. The panel houses a larger circular button on the right side along with the power off and setting buttons. All in all, the heating appliance is an excellent source to attain the required temperature with the upper limit not exceeding 36-degree Celsius.


Hcalory HC-A01 diesel air heater

When it comes to analyzing the fuel consumption data, customers are likely to grab astonishing figures. As mentioned above, the prime fuel for the air heater is diesel only. The device comes equipped with a 5L fuel tank capacity to impeccably cater to the power and heating requirements. The fuel consumption frequency ranges between 0.16L and 0.48L per hour.

Good fuel storage capacity matters a lot!

With the 1KW power, the heater is able to release the air at 91.3-degree C temperature and 0.11L/h fuel consumption. Similarly, at the peak 5KW power, the machine will consume 0.43L/h fuel consumption and releases 126.6-degree C air temperature.


Diesel Heater

It is another innovative attribute of the Hcalory heater to impress users. With the automatic start and stop function integration, the device is all set to support customers across critical realms.

Automatic start and stop functions are crazy!

It has an inbuilt temperature sensor that automatically senses the temperature to adjust the machine switch intelligently. It starts the machine whenever the temperature goes down below the set range. Likewise, the machine will get shut down automatically upon gaining the required temperature.


Smart heating devices are the need of today. With the advent of the latest technological modules, air heaters have gained immense stamina to deliver unmatched performance. They are compact, portable, and lightweight to help you carry them anywhere outside. The Hcalory HC-A01 diesel air heater is a wonderful combination of performance-oriented features and exquisite design to lead the competition. It highlights the 5KW power, portable physique, and 5L fuel storage capacity, along with several other intelligent modules to snatch the crown. Hopefully, the Hcalory HC-A01 air heater review is enough to help you make an informed buying decision.

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