Xiaomi launched Mijia Smart Ceiling Lamp Pro

October 12, 2022

Mijia is one of those sub-brands of Xiaomi that offers various smart products in different niches and categories. However, one of its strongest parts is the smart home. Among them, we should mention smart lights. Today, the company released two new models. The Mijia Smart Ceiling Lamp Pro includes bedroom and living room versions, with a starting price of 549 yuan ($77).

Mijia Ceiling Light Pro

Mijia Smart Ceiling Lamp Pro specs

This smart ceiling lamp uses blank lines and surfaces. Thus, it completely corresponds to the nature of the brand. As for average users, it should look pleasing to the eye.

Mijia Ceiling Light Pro

The living room version of the Mijia Ceiling Lamp Pro has a power of 140W and a luminous flux of up to 10000lm. Thus, it can become a small sun for a living room of about 50 square meters.

Mijia Smart Ceiling Pro

The maximum power of the bedroom version of the ceiling lamp is 55W, the luminous flux reaches 3700lm. This is enough for a bedroom.

Mijia Smart Ceiling Pro

In terms of operation, the Smart Ceiling Light Pro can be connected to the Mijia app. So you can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the ceiling light or set various unique modes, such as TV mode, night light mode, etc.

Mijia Smart Ceiling Pro

In addition, this smart ceiling light can be linked with the Xiaomi smart door lock. Once done, it will turn on the light when you open the door. Through XiaoAi voice commands, you can make various operations.

Mijia app

In fact, there are various combined versions:

  • Mijia Smart Ceiling Lamp Pro Bedroom Edition: 549 yuan ($77);
  • Mijia Ceiling Lamp Pro living room version: 1099 yuan ($153);
  • Mijia Smart Ceiling Lamp Pro one-room, one-hall set: 1619 yuan ($226);
  • Mijia Ceiling Lamp Pro two-room and one-hall set: 2199 yuan ($307);
  • Mijia Ceiling Lamp Pro three-room and one-hall set: 2699 yuan ($377).

Looking at these prices, we understand that there are ceiling lights for customers from all categories.

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