POCO F5 (rebranded Redmi K60) leaked again

October 12, 2022

Every smartphone maker has different lines for different categories. For POCO, the F lineup models are considered high-performance smartphones. Of course, they also come for relatively low prices. In this regard, we must recall the first model, the Pocophone F1. Currently, the last model in the family is the POCO F4. But what’s disappointing, it’s almost exactly the same as the POCO F3. The processors are identical. Many POOC F3 users didn’t want to replace their phones. Obviously, the company considered this. So the upcoming POCO F5 will be a great upgrade over its predecessor.

This is the same Redmi K60

This brand pays a lot of attention to its users’ opinions. That’s why we are very attentive to every piece of information that appears on the net. The phone has been spotted, and we have heard about some of its specifications.

First, the POCO F5 will be the first model in the company’s history to have a 2K resolution screen. We know you will recall the POCO F4 Pro, which was said to come with such a feature. But it wasn’t launched.


Also, we should point out that the POCO F phones are just rebranded versions of Redmi K handsets. For instance, the POCO F4 is a rebranded version of the Redmi K40S. So like you, we wonder whether the POCO F5 is the rebranded version of any Redmi K handset. Yes, it’s the yet-to-come Redmi K60.

The leaked POCO F5 has a model number, “M11A“. The latter appears in the IMEI Database as “23013PC75G“. This means 23=2023, 01=January, PC=POCO, 75=M11A, G=Global. Usually, it should come with the number “23011311AG”. Currently, there is still no clue why Xiaomi has done this.

According to the information above, the POCO F5 will land in various markets with different names. It will be available globally in Indian and Chinese markets. For instance, it will go on sale in China as the Redmi K60. We guess, in other markets, it will be launched as the POCO F5.

POCO F5 specs

POCO F5’s codename is “Mondrian“. The latter is promised to have a 2K resolution (1440*3200) AMOLED panel. It should also support a 120Hz refresh rate and reach 1000 nits of brightness. Recently, Xiaomi and its sub-brands have begun paying much attention to the screens. So we guess POCO will be no exception.

Under the hood, this handset should host the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip. This is not the best chip (we mean before its launch, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will be out). However, currently, it’s one of the best chips in the Android camp. Also, the performance increase will be significant compared to the POCO F4’s Snapdragon 870.

This chipset uses TSMC 4nm manufacturing technology. There are eight cores, of which the super performance core clocks at up to 3.2GHz. The SoC also integrates a 900MHz Adreno 730 graphics card. We talk about these features because the POCO F models have always been known for their performance, and the POCO F5 will continue this gen as well.

Well, for the time being, this is all we know. And from the model number introduced above, it will come in 2023.


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