Xiaomi launches Mijia kitchen tool set at 199 yuan (28)

October 11, 2022

Xiaomi has several products for various categories. The kitchen products are a separate category, which is worth our attention. Today, the company updated the list of its kitchen product by releasing the Mijia kitchen tool set. It includes three very useful products. The suggested retail price is 199 yuan (28), but it is available for 179 yuan ($25) on the crowdfunding platform. The crowdfunding will start on October 12.

Mijia kitchen tool set

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The Mijia kitchen tool set includes:

  • Smart timer: through the Mijia app, it can provide dual-segment timing;
  • Electronic kitchen scale: this scale has 0.1g accurate indexing
  • Electric wine corkscrew: it will take only 10 seconds to open the bottle, and there is one key to unplug it automatically.

Mijia kitchen tool set products and their highlights

The Mijia smart timer has a knob, which helps users to set timers quickly. It supports an up/down dual-stage timer; the longest timer is 9 hours, 59 minutes, and 55 seconds.

In addition, the timer supports two installation methods: magnetic suction/wall sticker. You can control it via the Mijia app, voice interaction through the XiaoAi voice assistant, and a Bluetooth wireless switch. The volume supports three-stage adjustment.

The Mijia electronic kitchen scale supports up to 3kg weighing and comes with an accuracy of up to 0.1g. It’s ideal for cooking, pastry, precise intake, and nutritional ratio control.

It adopts an integrated, seamless tempered glass scale surface and has a long standby time of 300 days.

Mijia electronic kitchen scale

The Mijia electric wine corkscrew can open bottles automatically in 10 seconds. There are two buttons you can use to open and unplug. It runs with low noise. The process is simple and smooth, and breaking the cork or slag is not easy. It can open bottles 170 times when fully charged. So all you need is 4 AA batteries.

Mijia electric wine corkscrew

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