Lenovo Lecoo C9 Smart Glasses review: More than glasses, less than speakers

October 26, 2022


  • Bluetooth 5.0 chip
  • Better audio performance
  • Stylish look
  • Removable lenses
  • Multi-layer coating
  • UV400 polarization lens


  • Insufficient battery capacity
  • Not suitable in noisy environments
  • Some bugs during the operation

Lenovo Lecoo C9 Smart Glasses

Nowadays, all digital products have turned into smart gadgets. Frequently, Manufacturers prefix their products with the word “smart” for marketing purposes. But if putting aside this concept, we can say that currently, there are millions of smart products that ease daily routines. Look around. Everything has connected to the net. All those devices can operate themselves. They even will go to the charging station not to run out of power. What else do we need? The era of smart devices demonstrated in the 80s movies is here. Even glasses are smart. This might sound odd. But we have what we have. To get acquainted with this field and, why not, get hands on one of them, we recommend to keep on reading because we will talk about an amazing product dubbed the Lenovo Lecoo C9 Smart Glasses.

Externally, the Lenovo Lecoo C9 Smart Glasses look like traditional optic glasses. But as said above, the word “smart” is at the beginning of its category. This simply means that the product should differ from other glasses and have some intelligent features. But this is where we are confused. What smart features can glasses provide?

Lenovo Lecoo C9 Smart Glasses

The Lenovo Lecoo C9 Smart Glasses can be regarded as a combination of glasses and headphones. Thus, you can wear them for common purposes and listen to various audio content simultaneously. At the same time, they come with multi-layer coating TAC polarizing lenses, a Bluetooth chip, speakers, and two 60mAh batteries. Due to the UV400 polarization lens, you will get an enhanced experience. Whereas the multi-layer coating TAC polarizing lenses prevent ultraviolet rays. Thus, these glasses ensure comprehensive protection against harmful sunlight rays. Of course, you can replace them at your will.

Appearance and features

Lenovo Lecoo C9 Smart Glasses

Appearance is an important spec for any glasses. In this sense, these glasses adopt a standard design like many regular glasses. But our protagonist is crafted with high-grade, skin-friendly materials and removable UV400 polarized lenses. They are too light to wear all day long, 40g only. Also, we can see the touch button, which makes interaction with the glasses much easier.

Another important feature of these glasses is their connectivity. They sport a Bluetooth v5.0 chip and an EDR profile. The involvement of profiles such as HSP/A2DP/AVRCP triggers robust and diversified connectivity within a 10-15m radius.

Various connectivity options for better performance.

Lastly, the Lenovo Lecoo C9 Smart Glasses feature dynamic Graphene diaphragm drivers. Due to them, you will get a high-quality sound experience.

What do we like and what don’t

Lenovo Lecoo C9 Smart Glasses

These glasses have a few selling points. And when reviewing such products, it’s senseless to talk about the design in detail or other unimportant features. So let’s focus on what these glasses can do that others don’t.

First, the Lenovo Lecoo C9 Smart Glasses comes with longer battery life compared to other similar models on the market. For instance, when tested, the audio volume was at 70%, and on a single charge, it lasted for about 3 hours and 45 minutes. For any other digital device, this might be insufficient. But we are talking about glasses that have no place to carry batteries. However, you should also consider that it will last much less when using heavy apps.

Long battery life for average users.

Second, the Lenovo Lecoo C9 Smart Glasses have much better audio performance. We usually listen to audiobooks through it. So this is an important feature. They perform pretty well in other scenarios, such as walking outdoors, running, and listening to music.

Lenovo Lecoo C9

Unfortunately, there are more shortcomings rather than advantages. But we think the shortcoming can’t affect the purchase decision because those who are going to buy such glasses know that they would have such problems. In other words, these are more expected rather than surprising.

Anyway, these glasses should automatically shut down if believing the user manual. But they don’t. So when you don’t want to continue to listen to audio, you have to shut them down manually. However, there were cases when it shut down automatically.

Next, because of unknown reasons, the glasses might suddenly disconnect. It doesn’t happen frequently, but it happens.

Lenovo Lecoo C9

Another problem we experienced is that it might lose sound. In those cases, you have to restart the gadget.

Finally, in noisy environments, the volume is not satisfactory. But as said above, when wearing smart glasses and listening to audio through the speakers on them, you should expect that the environmental noise will interfere with the process.


So what can we say? The sound quality of these glasses is better than expected; the battery life is still not ideal, but it’s acceptable (as a reference, the Huawei Glasses 3 have 6 hours of autonomy); they do not cost much. But these glasses are made for other purposes. We mean when using headphones that do not adopt an in-ear design, even a semi-in-ear design, they should be used in quiet places. So when running in the park or sitting on the bench and listening to the audio, it will work perfectly.

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