Xiaomi eight-electrode body fat scale launched

September 28, 2022

Today, Xiaomi launched a new body fat scale. The Xiaomi eight-electrode body fat scale provides 35 comprehensive body composition analysis reports. So you can understand your physical condition at a glance. The price is 399 yuan ($56).

Xiaomi body fat scale

There are tons of body fat scales on the market. But they use a single-frequency measurement method because the low-frequency current cannot measure the intracellular fluid impedance through the cell membrane. The latter affects the accuracy of the measurement results.

Xiaomi eight-electrode body fat scale has no equals

In this sense, the Xiaomi body fat scale can provide more accurate data. It also adopts dual-frequency bioimpedance measurement technology. The scale uses high and low dual-frequency alternating current to pass through the inside and outside of cells to obtain impedance data. In effect, it will accurately measure body fat, water, muscle, and other human health data.

Xiaomi body fat scale

More importantly, this body fat scale comes with very powerful hardware. It includes the high-precision floating-point calculation ADC chip, embedded thumb electrode handle, seven-core handle connection cable, and full foot contact ITO scale surface. Thus, the measurement system is fully upgraded compared to other Xiaomi body fat scales. The results it provides can benchmark the DEXA gold standard.

The Xiaomi eight-electrode body fat scale applies multi-frequency biological alternating current to the human body. The scale surface, the handle, and a total of 8 electrodes form multiple current loops in the whole body. So the scale can clearly identify the left arm, right arm, trunk, left leg, and right leg. The component measurement of five segments clearly shows the distribution of fat and muscle in each part. It can also intelligently analyze whether the body type and posture are balanced.

By standing on the scale, you can get a comprehensive body composition analysis report in less than half a minute. Including but not limited to: body weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, body water, protein, bone salt, protein, visceral fat level, basal metabolic rate, etc.

The Xiaomi eight-electrode body fat scale comes with Bluetooth and WiFi support. To operate, it doesn’t require a smartphone connection. Everything will be displayed on the scale. Also, the data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. So when users open the Xiaomi Sports Health app, they will view more detailed reports.

The Xiaomi eight-electrode body fat scale has dimensions of 320x345x35mm, a net weight of 2.4kg, a weighing range of 0.1-150kg, a minimum wake-up weight of 5kg, and a maximum load-bearing capacity of 200kg.


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