Mijia Smart Air Fryer 30L went on crowdfunding

September 19, 2022

Almost every day, Xiaomi launches new products through its crowdfunding platforms. Today was the turn of the Mijia Smart Air Fryer 30L. This air fryer oven has a suggested retail price of 899 yuan ($128) and a crowdfunding price of 749 yuan ($107). It will start crowdfunding on September 21 and is expected to start shipping on September 29.

Mijia Smart Air Fryer 30L specs

The top of the Air Fryer can emit 2000r/min of hot air. Also, the oven comes with six baking tubes. So there is no need to turn it over when using. According to the company, the oven can increase the degreasing rate by 15.42% in the high-speed air-frying mode. In effect, the ingredients are crispier and more delicious.

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The air fryer oven has a capacity of 30L inside, and there are three layers of baking positions. Moreover, you can use two of the layers simultaneously. The Mijia Smart Air Fryer 30L has a total of 2 NTC temperature sensors, which can sense the temperature change inside the cavity in real-time.

Mijia Smart Air Fryer 30L

The oven has independent temperature control for the upper and lower baking tubes. So it can adjust the upper and lower temperatures according to the ingredients to avoid burning or undercooking caused by a single temperature. At the same time, this air fryer has various functions, such as fermentation, thawing, heat preservation, and dried fruit. Thus, you can use it for different purposes.

The Smart Air Fryer uses a non-stick oil liner inside and an NFC induction area outside. So you can jump to cloud recipes in one step. This is a Mijia product, so it’s logical to come with Xiao AI voice support. Also, there is a 1.32-inch OLED knob screen and two touch buttons.

Xiaomi oven

It comes with anti-scalding handles and double glass doors. Also, the back has an anti-wall design to ensure heat dissipation. The product size of the Mijia Smart Air Fryer 30L is 460×424×399mm, and the inner cavity size is 360×325×250mm.


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