Xiaomi released Mijia cross-door refrigerator with 430L capacity

September 16, 2022

Maybe Xiaomi is not much famous in the fridge market, but indeed, this company has several amazing refrigerators. Moreover, it has managed to release more than half a dozen products in this niche in 2022. Today, the manufacturer updated its list of fridges by launching The Mijia cross-door refrigerator with a large capacity of 430L. The price of the product is only 2199 yuan ($314).

Mijia cross-door refrigerator

The product uses a rock metal slate, which has high hardness, delicate touch, and allows users to attach magnets to the refrigerator.

Also, our protagonist has an extra-wide refrigerated space and 17 compartments for storing various ingredients. The refrigerator compartment has a special independent variable greenhouse, which can freely adjust different temperature modes according to the type of ingredients, seasonal changes, and cooking needs.

Xiaomi fridge 430L

At the same time, the Mijia cross-door refrigerator has a silver ion antibacterial and deodorant module, which can adsorb and decompose odor molecules in the refrigerator to create a fresh space. As the company has officially introduced, it can reach a 99.99% antibacterial rate, 98.4% trimethylamine deodorization rate, and 91% methyl mercaptan deodorization rate.

In addition, this refrigerator has a strong cooling capacity. It can freeze 7.5kg of food in 12 hours. There is a three-way surrounding 3D air supply, which ensures quick cooling. The food won’t smell even after being in the fridge for a long time.

Xiaomi fridge 430L

The Mijia cross-door refrigerator door also carries an LED touch panel. It eases interconnection with the fridge. For instance, you can choose any of the 3 cooling modes. Of course, you can connect the fridge to the Mijia mobile app, which allows users to control it remotely. Another control option is voice control. Thus, with simple sentences, you can adjust the temperature and more. Lastly, its operating noise is as low as 36 decibels. Thus, it won’t disturb your sleep at night.

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