Top 5 electric scooters in September 2022

December 30, 2022

The best electric scooters in September 2022

Driving a car is not what all people can afford and want. They cost much; they require high maintenance costs, etc. But for faster and more comfortable transportation, people look for new machines. When saying machines, we mean electric scooters. The models currently offered in the market provide a high riding speed, long travel distance on a single charge, good acceleration and braking, etc. But if you want to find the one that meets all of your requirements, you have to spend some time … or read this article.

The electric scooters on this stand out with this or that feature. But they are all good options that you can at least look at when looking for a new electric scooter. Also, you will get acquainted with all those essential features when buying a machine from this niche.

Fastest driving speed: X-Tron Viper

X-Tron Viper

Some products hide powerful internals under a beautiful body; some products don’t boast powerful hardware but come with a stylish look; and finally, some products don’t look attractive but are very powerful and have the features you need. This statement is also true for electric scooters. In this regard, the X-Tron Viper folding electric scooter can’t be considered a well-looking product. But it’s a high-end scooter. That’s why it is costly.

In fact, the X-Tron Viper has a uniquely crafted design and physical construction. It’s a heavyweight machine that will conquer demanding purposes and difficult terrains. Inside, it hosts a 7000W brushless motor that supports 55-degree climbing. Thus, it’s powerful enough and can reach a max speed of 100km/h.

Also, the electric scooter comes with a 72V 45Ah lithium battery. This battery can provide a max of 150km of mileage on a single charge. Of course, it has multiple safety protections for worry-free traveling. Charging time is around 10 hours.

This electric scooter uses a high-grade aluminum alloy frame. There are also two headlights and an LCD display on the handlebar. The latter will provide all the necessary information in real-time. You can monitor the battery status, current speed, and mileage, etc., to host better control over the machine. It has 11-inch rubber tires. They can withstand complex road conditions.

The X-Tron Viper unites front and rear spring shock absorption and electronic power brakes. The sturdy body weighs 57kg and has a loading capacity of 200kg.

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Best acceleration and braking system: AovoPro ES80

AovoPro ES80

This high-performance, very durable, speedy, and lightweight electric scooter boasts a monster-size battery. Plus, it comes with many valuable techs and features.

The AovoPro ES80 comes with a 10.5Ah battery, which provides up to 40km of travel time. But it can also extend endurance by recovering kinetic energy generated by using the accelerator and converting this into electrical power. Besides the Kinetic Energy Recovery System, our protagonist comes with a Smart Battery Management System. We mention this because the latter provides additional power to the battery. This system has a dual braking option – regenerative and disc braking. On the front wheel, it has an E-ABS system. So riders can use two braking systems for a controlled stop. Plus, the scooter comes with both skid-resistant and shock-absorbing pneumatic tires. Thus, it won’t slip. Charging time will take 4-5 hours.

The AovoPro ES80 sports a powerful 350w brushless motor. In combination with the battery, you can travel 30-35km on a single charge. Its cruise control system ensures a steady and safe speed set by the rider. There are three-speed modes you can choose from. As you guess, each of them allows you to reach different maximum speeds – 15km/h in ECO, 20km/h in Standard, and up to 31km/h in Sport. The climbing capability is 20 degrees.

One of the selling points of the AovoPro ES80 is the high-tech sine wave motherboard. The latter helps users to accelerate and brake smoothly. It is way safer than most other electric scooters on the market.

In terms of design, it looks identical to many other models on the market. However, unlike the model we discussed above, this one adopts a sleek and elegant minimalist design. The body is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and weighs just 12kg. Thus, anyone can fold it and carry it with them. The folding process will take 3 seconds. When folded, its dimensions will be 107*43*54cm. It is IP65 waterproof. And the loading capacity is 120kg.

Lastly, you can bind the scooter with your smartphone via Bluetooth and get real-time information concerning ride statistics. The scooter has an LED display dashboard, which shows the current ride mode, current speed, and remaining battery power. Through the app, you can also lock the scooter.

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Best lock security through NFC: Kugoo Kirin M3

Kugoo Kirin M3

This electric scooter comes with a 500w brushless rear hub motor, which is capable of providing decent performance, such as 24-degree climbing. But this depends on the rider’s weight and power. Here, we should mention that a big rider will probably find this scooter small, as it has a maximum 120kg loading capacity. It can also reach 40km/h maximum speed. The 36v 13Ah battery (468Wh) has a reasonable size and can provide around 40km of travel time on a single charge. The charging time can reach 4.5 hours.

The Kugoo Kirin M3 comes with front suspension and high-volume tires. This scooter is mainly suitable for riding on flat, unpaved surfaces like canal towpaths. At the front, it has a regular cable-actuated disc brake, while the rear motor brake provides a quick and controlled stop. I’ve tested similar braking systems on other e-scooters, and they work well enough.

Two more features we should point out here. The Kugoo Kirin M3 electric scooter has an IPX5 waterproof rating. Thus, it doesn’t scare rain, but we do not recommend riding on it under heavy rain.

We chose this electric scooter because of its NFC card security feature. Due to the integrated combination lock, you can protect your machine from potential thieves.

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Safest electric scooter: Obarter X5

Obarter X5

If we can say it this way, the OBARTER X5 is an SUV in an electric scooter niche. Compared to older models, the OBARTER X3 and X1 have huge sizes. However, nothing prevents this machine from reaching 85km/h of maximum speed. There is every reason to say this is a gasoline-powered motorcycle.

We should take into consideration that the OBARTER X5 is a costly product. But you will get a decent performance, such as a 75km travel mileage on a single charge, a climbing capability of 55 degrees, and a loading capacity of up to 150kg. This electric scooter has 13-inch tires. This simply means you will get a safer and more comfortable ride.

The only downside is its portability. So we guess it’s not suitable for female consumers. It is as heavyweight as 56kg. So even males will carry it with difficulties. The dimensions of the scooter are 1340 x 700 x 1430 mm, while in the folded state, it is 1520 x 370 x 570 mm.

As you understand, it is too safe to ride due to its weight. But such machines also need good braking systems. For this, the manufacturer put an oil brake system. There are two headlights to light the road you ride at nighttime.

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Most comfortable riding: Bezior S2

Bezior S2

We know that many people don’t like riding an electric scooter because you must always remain to stand. That’s why they prefer electric bikes. But what if you find an electric scooter with a seat? In this regard, the Bezior S2 is an ideal choice.

This machine that comes with an off-road performance has fat tires and strong power. That’s why you can drive it on complicated and rugged mountain roads. There is also front and rear suspension with remarkable shock absorption.

By the way, the tires are 11 inches in size and have good wear resistance, superior storm resistance, and a high safety index. The motor is in the middle and has 2400W power. The latter can provide up to 65km/h of riding speed and allows the machine to climb up to a 45-degree slope.

Riders can choose from three modes. For Europeans, we recommend the one that brings up to 25km/h of riding speed.

The 21ah battery capacity takes about 8 hours to charge fully.

There is a great lighting system on the front of the handlebars of the Bezior S2, as well as an LED screen. It can display the current driving speed, distance traveled, remaining power, and other information.

When folded, its dimensions are 142*33*49 cm. But in the regular mode, they are 135*70-140 cm. However, this is another heavyweight electric scooter that you can’t carry out with you. It weighs 42kg. At the same time, the loading capacity is 120kg.

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The electric scooter market is oversaturated. There are millions of manufacturers, and each of them offers tons of new models. But if you know what you want, choosing the right one is not difficult. The models we introduced above should help you.

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