No. 9 balance car mini Pro 2 launched at 3,699 yuan ($531)

September 8, 2022

We have heard various news and rumors that the Xiaomi-related No. 9 will launch a new product in the coming days. And today, the company, which is specialized in making electric scooters and the like, released a new electric balance car. The No. 9 balance car mini Pro 2 starts at 3,699 yuan ($531).

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No. 9 balance car mini Pro 2 key features

The balance car comes with a 335wh battery, which is capable of providing the longest battery life of 35km. Also, the No. 9 balance car mini Pro 2 sports two motors with an 800W total power. The car’s maximum speed can reach 18km/h. Plus, the 10.5-inch off-road pneumatic tires have a strong load-bearing capacity of 100kg.

No. 9 balance car mini Pro 2

In other technical aspects, the No.9 balance car mini Pro2 has a self-balancing system, supports self-developed intelligent learning algorithms, and has 15 layers of safety guarantees.

In addition, this balance car also supports Bluetooth audio, light-sensing adaptive headlights, RGB full-color taillights, and phantom wheel lights.

At the same time, the mini Pro2 can be adapted to the No. 9 balance car kart modification kit. In the kart state, its typical battery life is 25km. Also, the maximum speed is 27km/h, with four speeds to choose from.

No. 9 balance car mini Pro 2

The vehicle can also be interconnected with the mobile app. Here, you can play with the lighting settings, adjust speed, view vehicle status, monitor mileage, firmware, and social circle sharing.

When used as a children’s sports toy and a daily vehicle, the intelligent self-balancing technology of the mini Pro2 can greatly reduce the difficulty of starting exercises. In addition, there are also many useful features such as stopping immediately after falling to the ground, anti-flying protection, low battery protection, over-limit alarm, and a speed reduction to ensure the safety of the use process.

Prior to this, No. 9 launched many similar products. So you shouldn’t worry about the build quality and the rest.

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