Xiaomi launches Home Smart Clothes Dryer Pro at 1199 yuan ($173)

September 5, 2022

On September 7, Xiaomi will start crowdfunding for Home Smart Clothes Dryer Pro. The crowdfunding price is 1199 yuan ($173). The product ought to start shipping on September 15.

Xiaomi Home Smart Clothes Dryer Pro

The Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer Pro adopts an ultra-thin body design and supports embedded hidden installation. When retracting the drying rod, the product will be hidden inside the ceiling. Also, when the clothes dryer is folded, the thickness is about 9.8cm.

Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer Pro

Our protagonist comes with a super-large curved LED light panel and supports stepless adjustment of the brightness in the Mijia app. Via the latter, you can set the brightness according to your needs.

What’s more important, this product can bear 35kg. It comes with 16 mother-infant clips, four drying rods, four horizontal rods, and 42 windproof hanging holes. The length of the drying rod can be telescopically adjusted.

It can be dropped up to 1.1m, and you can customize the lifting height and memory function in the Mijia app. At the same time, the user can lift the clothes dryer by lightly supporting it by hand, and it will automatically stop when it encounters resistance. To tell you that it will hang in that position, it will make a “beep.”

Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer Pro

The Home Smart Clothes Dryer Pro is a part of the Xiaomi Smart Ecosystem. Thus, you can link it with other smart home appliances and control it via voice commands.

Technical Parameters Of Home Smart Clothes Dryer Pro

Inside, it uses a DC motor. According to the official introduction, it requires less than 1 kWh of electricity to dry clothes per month. At the same time, the motor has a small running noise, and the lifting noise does not exceed 55dB (A).

Xiaomi Home Smart Clothes Dryer Pro

You can install it anywhere, as it supports cement roofs, gypsum roofs, solid wood roofs, and ceiling installations. You can choose between embedded or non-embedded installation methods. The embedded installation requires a slot with a length of 1450mm, a width of 560mm, and a depth of 120mm.


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