Top 5 robotic vacuum cleaners in September 2022

December 30, 2022

We don’t need ordinary vacuum cleaners anymore. There are already many intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners that will do the whole job for us. When saying “the whole job,” we mean both sweeping and moping. Moreover, you don’t need to change the tanks yourself. Well, we can talk about the selling points of intelligent vacuum cleaners for hours. But it’s better to look below the top 5 vacuum cleaners for September 2022.

Here are robotic vacuum cleaners for different customers. We hope you will find one matching your needs most.

Best disinfection rate: Viomi S9 Alpha UV

best robotic vacuum cleaners Viomi S9 Alpha UV

The biggest highlights of this robotic vacuum cleaner are the new auto-empty base, a more powerful battery, and ultraviolet light that disinfects the surface.

This cleaner comes with a LIDAR system for the best navigation. However, there is also a bumper with two sensors on the sides. They detect walls. Plus, the one on the front is for detecting obstacles. The LIDAR is protected from low furniture on the top with a button. Also, there are two buttons to return to the base for charging and start/pause.

On the bottom, the cleaner carries four anti-collision sensors. In the center is the UV light, thanks to which the robot can sanitize your floor.

This vacuum cleaner has a 250 ml water tank and a dust container of 300 ml. It uses the MESH filter and a HEPA filter.

On the base, we can see that the suction channels are on end. Such a design ensures a better auto-cleaning process. Plus, there is a screen that displays some worthy information – when you need to change the bag, the remaining battery power, etc.

The Viomi S9 Alpha UV supports mobile app operations. Here, you can set virtual walls, no-go zones, and no-go zones for mopping. Generally, you will turn this cleaner into the best home assistant through the app.

Lastly, the cleaner comes with a 5200mAh battery, which is enough to clean 250 sqm or operate for 220 minutes. At the same time, the charging will last 220 minutes as well.

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Best battery life: Roidmi EVA

Roidmi EVA

The Roidmi EVA is a very intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner that combines multiple functions into one.

Thanks to the LIDAR system, this cleaner can map out the entire area it will clean. Once done, you can see the map in the mobile app. Here, you can make any customizations. Like the previous model, the Roidmi EVA can overcome 20mm obstacles. Thanks to multiple sensors, this cleaner is aware of its surroundings. It is capable of detecting obstacles to make a detour. The 360-degree omnidirectional LDS (laser distance sensor) helps it a lot.

What we also like in this cleaner is the 5200mAh battery. Like the previous cleaner, it will last for 220 mins on a single charge. This is enough to clean the entire house and not hurry to the base for charging.

When it starts mopping, you should ensure enough water in the tank inside the cleaner. However, another water tank in the base collects the dirty water after the robot self-cleans the mops. The antibacterial effect reaches 99%. In terms of the odor-free dust bag, it can eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria. You should empty this tank frequently.

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Best app control: Proscenic M8 Pro

Proscenic M8 Pro

Like other models, the Proscenic M8 Pro’s base sucks the collected dirt into a bag that’s held at the top of the unit. So you can just open the lid, take it out, and throw it into the bin.

The LIDAR system is clearly seen on the top of the cleaner. So if your furniture is low, it can’t reach all corners of your house. Moreover, the dust bin is relatively tiny, 280ml. But once it is complete, the cleaner will go to the base station to empty it. On the contrary, the one in the base is 3.6l. So you won’t have to empty it frequently.

It does support mobile app control. But we guess most of you will use the remote control. There are also two spare dust bags, a spare HEPA filter, and a combined brush/razor tool for removing tangled hair or thread.

This is the third model on our list with a 5200mAh battery. According to the actual tests, cleaning a 28sqm area took 23 minutes and consumed about 12% of the power. When there is insufficient power, and the dust or water tanks are complete, the cleaner will travel to the base station to refuel or empty the tanks.

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Best system: Dreame Bot Z10 Pro

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro

Let’s start with the battery. Yep, it has a 5200mAh capacity. But it is enough to clean only a 150 sqm area. The reason is that it has a 4000Pa suction power. So it consumes more energy per minute.

The water tank inside has a 150ml volume. It’s an electronically controlled water tank, meaning better precision since users can control water flow through the app. On the contrary, the dust tank has a 400ml capacity.

Of course, it comes with a LIDAR system. So it would help if you didn’t have concerns about the navigation. Also, we liked the live map in the mobile app. It allows us to track the cleaner in the process. Generally, the mobile app of this robotic vacuum cleaner is considered the selling point. It offers many features so you can interact with the cleaner and tell it what to do, when, and how. The rest is not your deal.

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Strongest suction power: Roborock S7 Pro Ultra

Roborock S7 Pro Ultra

Lastly, our hero is the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra. This robotic vacuum cleaner is much more expensive than the other models. But trust us, every penny you pay for it is justified. This flagship cleaner has many helpful valuable distinguishing designs and enormous suction power of 5100Pa.

This cleaner collects dirt in its 2.5L capacity dust container and can store it for up to 7 weeks. Then, you have to empty it manually. Moreover, it cleans the mop at a speed of 600 rpm. The water tank is enough to mop an area of 300 sqm.

There is a LiDAR technology for 3D mapping. The cleaner has a unique PreciSense feature. Its purpose is constantly to scan the room to avoid getting stuck and adapt to potential obstacles. If your house has several floors, you can set up the 3D mapping process so the robot can recognize which floor it is on.

This model has the same-capacity battery, allowing the cleaner to work continuously for three hours. In comparison to the previous model, it charges 30% faster. But it is still too long – 4 hours.

The app is another topic for conversations. But we are not going to tell every detail found in the mobile app. Just know that with it, the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra turns into a very smart and powerful tool to clean your house.

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The robotic vacuum cleaner field is developing rapidly. Now, if you are not tight on budget, you can acquire a compelling and very smart product that will clean the house without your command. Moreover, you don’t have to empty the tanks frequently. Say, is it ok to do this job six times a year? We guess it’s an ideal number. The robotic vacuum cleaners introduced above show a wide range of products. You only have to decide how wise the cleaner should be and how much you are ready to pay for it.

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