T-Bao R5 Mini PC review: Bringing portability and performance in the same slot!

September 2, 2022


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T-Bao R5

The concept of a minicomputer is no longer a new phenomenon in the current age. T-Bao has revitalized the technology for the betterment and developed high-efficiency products for global customers. The T-Bao R5 Mini PC is a great assembly to boost performance, portable design, and lightweight construction. It is a Windows 10-based integration studded with some high-profile features to stunning users with unbeatable performance across all departments. The in-hand guide is a detailed review of the T-Bao R5 to uncover various strengths and limitations and its ability to compete with the cut-throat competition.

It is no secret that the sector of portable and mini-PCs have grown impeccably, specifically during the last two decades. Based in China, T-Bao is a professional tech manufacturing unit with an extensive customer base in the global market. The company has shown dependence on consistent innovation and research to intrude and explore new technology arenas. Ultimately, it helps the firm develop reliable and quality-centric products to cater to modern-age customers’ requirements.

Design and construction


Portable & compact design and quality construction are the top characteristics of any mini-PC in assembly and build. The T-Bao R5 also follows the same rule and successfully captures a lightweight and compact size. The vertical body looks glossy on the outer surface with several tringle-type holes to support heat dissipation. On the front, the device demonstrates a power button on the top accompanied by dual USB ports, a Type-C port, and an audio jack. The power button is set to create an eye-catching colorful lighting effect.

Lightweight and portable build with several connection terminals!

When we swivel the machine, we come across other physical ports, including dual USB, DP, HDMI, LAN, and DC ports. The top side mentions the wording ‘MINI PC’ besides three functional modes (Eco, Auto, and Turbo) near the rotatable button. Further, the chassis is constructed using high-grade materials to deliver a long-lasting service. Physical dimensions measure 13.3×15.6×7.2cm, and it weighs 581g.



The T-Bao R5 PC grasps the potential to serve clients with killer display quality and other appreciable enhancements. The tiny box supports three displays simultaneously in the 4K resolution output. You will be free to connect the device with three screens using the Type-C port, HDMI port, and DP. It collects 4K resolution across all interfaces to let clients enjoy ultra-HD videos and gaming.

4K resolution isn’t away with three-display integration!

When connecting the portable mini pc to a display panel, the availability of the required ports is crucial. With T-Bao R5, users will have the freedom to access several physical ports and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity. Hence, it provides a greatly-enhanced gaming experience along with high-resolution video playing.

Operating system

AMD Ryzen 5

As far as the OS is concerned, the T-Bao R5 computer goes with the Windows 10 operating system to collect efficient performance. It is one of the latest platforms with excellent navigation and user interface for improved exposure. This edition of Microsoft Windows features the popular Start Menu from Windows 7 alongside introducing several other high-tech specifications, i.e., Edge Web Browser.

Smoother, reliable, and convenient to navigate with several new enhancements!

Furthermore, Windows 10 works exceptionally to promote the client’s overall exposure. It delivers a simple and intuitive interface with pastel colors and round corners for all windows. Users will have several security features to install third-party software applications. The latest Windows 10 OS drastically adds to T-Bao R5’s skills and competency.


Windows 10 OS

Well, the performance of the T-Bao R5 mini PC is entirely dependent upon the AMD Ryzen 5 5600U, a powerful chipset from the popular Ryzen 5000 series. It is a Hexa-core 2.3GHz processor based on 12 threads and 7nm process technology. The Zen 3 architecture can attain a max clock speed of 4.2GHz. Users will have good efficiency to witness in collaboration with VEGA 1800MHz GPU.

AMD processor promises to deliver something appreciable!

The AMD chipset unites a collaborative touch to support clients across all verticals. It doesn’t lack behind while multitasking or playing high-end games. The AMD Radeon Graphics 7 on-processor GPU with shared video memory obtains high-picture quality for regular use.



Storage slots are always on the hit list of individuals seeking efficient mini pc products. The Chinese manufacturer also strives to integrate the machine with some heavy slots to deliver larger space. T-Bao R5 contains a whopping 16GB DDR4 (dual-channel) with high bandwidth in the RAM corridor. It obtains a high-impact gaming profile along with smooth operations and stable multitasking.

Larger space to store a more significant amount of data freely!

On the contrary, the T-Bao R5 computer features 512 GB of memory to provide you with room to store photos, videos, and other data in abundance. The M.2 NVME SSD ensures faster transfer of data and Widows boot.


T-bao R5 MINI PC

Under the connectivity umbrella, the T-Bao R5 PC hosts an extensive atmosphere to support users comprehensively. It allows clients to create connections across both wireless and wired scenarios. The wireless concepts include WIFI 6 802.11AX and Bluetooth 5.0 to manage cordless connections.

Extensive connectivity for extensive freedom!

The mini-PC shows a good presentation of several physical ports in wired integrations. You will have the liberty to hover across USB, HDMI, Type-C, DP, LAN, and 3.5mm audio ports. Also, clients will have access to RJ45 100M ethernet port.


The T-Bao R5 Mini PC is a versatile talent with many enhancements over its predecessors. It features an advanced operating system, performance-driven SoC, larger RAM and storage, and multiple connection terminals. Overall, the T-Bao R5 would be perfect for managing daily tasks and high-end gaming profiles.

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