Bezior S1 folding electric scooter review: Tough development for convenient commuting

September 2, 2022


  • Strong aluminum alloy frame
  • Foldability
  • Efficient motor
  • Good mileage


  • Larger charging time

Bezior S1 Folding Electric Scooter

Indubitably, local commuting is much more reliable, convenient, and environment-friendly than ever before. With a substantial revolution in the electric vehicle industry, people now have extended alternatives to explore places cheaply and safely. Bezior is one of the most sought-after manufacturing units of electric bikes and scooters, and its S1 folding electric scooter is simply exceptional. It is a great assembly designed for enthusiasts to cover short distances across local communities. Today, we share in-depth thoughts concerning the Bezior S1 electric scooter to find its potential and worth.

Conceived in 2018, Bezior is a renowned enterprise in the domain of electric vehicles. It is a brand of You SU YI Supply Chain (HK) Ltd. It has registered remarkable growth and success in the industry with its energetic and creative team and favorable working environment. Further, the unit emphasizes the research, development, manufacture, and sales of lithium-battery electric vehicles. It deploys over 200 employees across diverse departments and factories, including electric bicycle assembly, frame, electrical machinery, and paint factory.

Build and Appearance

Bezior S1 folding electric scooter

It is undoubtedly the preliminary prospect customers come across when overviewing an electric vehicle. These integrations trigger no disappointment in the segment of construction and design and offer a decent look and consolidated build. The new Bezior S1 bike commands an innovative and robust chassis and appearancerobustad the competition. They are compiling steel and aluminum alloy frame drafts with a foldable design to reduce the overall size.

The handlebar of the scooter highlights several amenities for users. It accommodates a dedicated display on the top to monitor the speed, mileage, battery capacity, and other crucial information in real time. Also, it involves some functional buttons for different purposes. The handle offers a comfortable hand grip for riders, while the front has a brighter LED headlight.

Under the deck (standing area), the electric scooter hosts a battery, and the motor is integrated into the bike’s rear wheel. The rubber tires measure 10-inch each (diameter), which are rigid, strong, and potent to face all road conditions. You’ll also notice a side stand on the left side of the deck. Moreover, the folding electric scooter has gained an IP54 waterproof rating, and the solid body can confidently beat the max 120kg payload.

A rigid body is more stylish in the foldable design!

It measures 120×24.5x47cm and 116x63x125cm in the folding and unfolding state, respectively. On the scale, however, it weighs around 28kg and is a bit heavier than most vehicles in the competition.


Bezior S1 folding electric scooter

As described earlier, the foldable scooter has the arrangement to assist riders with live vehicle data during operations. It has an LED display on the handlebar to meet the same purpose. It is a dedicated unit to convey good information regarding the journey.

Riding is more informed and entertaining all the way!

The brighter and clearer screen provides crucial data such as the speed, battery status, riding mode, and other parameters to ensure you enjoy extra fun and convenience. It brings an informed journey since you’ll have real-time tracking of essential things to improve safety and awareness.


Bezior S1 folding electric scooter

It is undoubtedly the most considerable element, especially in electric vehicles. The scooter’s speed entirely depends on the powerful 48V 1000W high-speed brushless motor aligned in the rear wheelbase. It is a proficient and lightweight integration and promises impeccable performance in speed (45km/h) and competency.

A high-speed, powerful motor can manage complex trips efficiently!

Furthermore, the foldable scooter acknowledges three riding modes to let people choose the ideal mode per traveling requirements. They can switch to any of the following modes – Pedal Mode, Moped Mode, and Electric Mode. It will allow you to choose the right riding profile to save energy and time. In addition to that, the scooter has the proficiency to conquer the max angle slope of 35-degree.


Bezior S1 folding electric scooter

As far as the electricity requirements are associated, the scooter proceeds awesomely to board a powerful battery inside the chassis. It configures a 48V 13Ah 18650 lithium battery inside the aluminum frame to ensure riders will face no disappointment during operations. It is a waterproof and dustproof integration to bring double protection.

A lithium battery promises good endurance to cover longer distances!

Bezior strives impeccably to nurture all its electric vehicles with competent and trustworthy battery packs to yield the maximum mileage possible. A lithium battery in the scooter is said to provide up to 60km of mileage on every charge. Ultimately, enthusiasts will have a great trip experience across all scenarios. Moreover, the folding vehicle also brings the provision to prevent issues, i.e., short-circuit, overvoltage and overload. The charging time is 6-8 hours, however.


Bezior S1 folding electric scooter

Like many electric vehicles, Bezior’s S1 scooter also adopts the waterproof certification to add another charm to commuting. It assures users will have no hesitation in taking a ride in the rain or other adverse atmospheres.

Enjoy riding in the rain unhesitatingly!

With an IP54 waterproof rating, the scooter can withstand dust and water efficiently and boost your confidence to enjoy an overwhelming journey experience.


Bezior S1 folding electric scooter

Regarding the bottom panel, the electric foldable scooter reflects another scintillating competency for avid riders. It is a pair of solid and tough rubber tires to mesmerize adventure lovers who seek to explore destinations differently.

A pair of solid tires to revolutionize your commuting!

Each unit of the pair measures 10-inch in terms of diameter. The inflatable tires take on rough and complex road conditions and rugged terrains.


Bezior S1 folding electric scooter

Regarding braking systems and integrations, the foldable scooter considers riders’ safety on a priority basis and endeavors to bring a dual-disc braking mechanism.

Speed is always under control!

This ideology is pledged to add to the safety of enthusiasts across all situations, especially in an emergency. Eventually, you will have a journey full of confidence, comfort, and convenience.


The new Bezior S1 folding electric scooter might be an outstanding choice for those who commute daily. It is a magnificent invention designed and studded with advanced configurations to support travelers across challenging situations efficiently. With a foldable physique, LED headlight, 1000W brushless motor, 13Ah lithium battery, and 10” rubber tires, it is a stringent development to add to the cart.

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