NexTool Thunder Searching Flashlight review: Too bright to find what you search for in the dark

August 30, 2022


  • Sturdy body
  • IPX7 protection
  • 3600 lumens of brightness
  • 450m of illumination distance


  • it’s a single-function flashlight

NexTool Thunder Searching Flashlight

Gone are those days when everyone should have a flashlight at hand. Now, in most cities, there are no electrical problems. But are you sure that you won’t appear in a situation when there is no light around? It could happen with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. So we recommend acquiring a good flashlight and keeping it at hand. However, we will not talk about ordinary flashlights with only one function. We want to introduce a new flashlight coming our way from a well-known brand – NexTool. Products from this brand have consistently proven their high quality and good experience. As for now, we got our hands on the NexTool Thunder Searching Flashlight. As the name implies, it is promised to provide excellent performance.

Generally, we do not review such products. But the NexTool Thunder Searching Flashlight got tons of positive feedback. So we decided to understand what makes it outstanding.


NexTool Thunder Searching Flashlight box

There is nothing special with the flashlight packaging as it comes in a standard box with the flashlight image printed on it and various parameters. We will talk about them in detail below. So there is no need to list them now. Anyway, there are multiple accessories inside the box. They include a USB cable for charging and a long belt to hand on the shoulder.

Moreover, when you unscrew the flashlight in the direction of the knob mark in the middle, you can see the hidden Type-C interface. This is where you should plug the USB cable to charge the flashlight. Of course, it can be charged with a charger or a power bank. Thus, you can always use a power bank, even if you are far from a power socket. You have one, right? If not, we recommend acquiring it because such flashlights are for outdoor use, and you must own a power bank for emergencies.

NexTool Thunder Searching Flashlight

The body

There are four blue light indicator lights on the barrel body. The lights will light up in sequence when charging. The NexTool Thunder Searching Flashlight can be fully charged in around 4.5-5.5 hours. The indicator light will also light up during use, allowing users to know the current remaining power. By the way, it consists of a pair of rechargeable batteries with a total capacity 10,000mAh (2 x 5000mAh). The maximum endurance for one charge is up to 120 hours (depending on the selected mode).

On a single charge, it will last for 120 hours (5 days!!!).

Next to the indicator light, we can find the multi-function side-press switch. Press it to control the on and off states of the flashlight. Press it lightly to switch the brightness of the light. As you understand, all operations are implemented with a single hand. This is essential for such products because your second hand is usually always busy when hiking, looking for something, etc.

The large-sized silver-faced light cup is used at the lamp head. Compared with the mirror light cup of most flashlights, it can diffuse the light more effectively and expand the irradiation area while ensuring a uniform light spot.


Xiaomi flashlight experience

This flashlight has a total of six lighting modes: Medium – High – Turbo – Low – Flash – Strobe. Users can freely choose according to different environments. After powering on, press the side switch continuously to turn the first four modes. Press it for 3 seconds in any mode to start the SOS help mode. Three shorts, three longs, and three shorts are international general distress signals, with a high brightness of 2000 lumens regardless of the daytime.

Xiaomi flashlight modes

Regarding heat dissipation, the lamp head comes with a high-efficiency heat sink, which can effectively prevent overheating during use. The lamp head also has an anti-roll design, which can be safely placed on a flat surface.

The flashlight handle is designed with delicate anti-slip patterns. So it’s comfortable to hold. With the detachable silicone hand strap, there is no need to worry about the flashlight slipping from your hand accidentally.

The barrel is made of high-strength aviation aluminum (type 6061-T6), and the surface is anodized, durable, and wear-resistant. The dimensions of this product are 241 x 34 x 64 millimeters. The weight of this flashlight is 650 grams (without a battery).

Three thousand six hundred lumens of brightness is enough to find anything you look for.

Now, let’s talk about the selling points of the NexTool Thunder Searching Flashlight. It can illuminate up to 450 meters (6500K), and the 3600 lumens beam spot is uniform.

Xiaomi Youpin Nextool Thunder Searching Flashlight

The NexTool Thunder Searching Flashlight also has an IPX7 waterproof certificate. In simple words, the flashlight can be used under 1 meter of water. And we even do not mention that you can use the flashlight in a rainy environment, and it will behave as if nothing happened. Other than that, the flashlight supports a 1-meter drop resistance. So even if it falls from your hand, nothing crucial will happen to it.


The NexTool Thunder Searching Flashlight is a sturdy product that can be used freely outdoors. It boasts 3600 lumens of bright lighting and a 450-meter illumination distance. This is enough to search for various stuff outdoors in a completely dark environment. Also, its waterproof and drop-resistant fuselage will allow you to take it anywhere. In a word, the NexTool Thunder Searching Flashlight is a product we highly recommend to our readers.

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