Tronsmart T7 Mini review: Small-sized Bluetooth speaker for small parties

August 26, 2022


  • Compact size
  • IPX7 protection
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Sound quality


  • 15W of output power
  • Low-frequency range
  • Relatively short endurance

Tronsmart T7 Mini

Nowadays, there is at least one wireless speaker in every house. Products from this category are replacing classic stereo audio equipment. Some of them even come with displays. We mean they can be adapted to various scenarios. Moreover, many of them support voice commands. So you can commonly interact with them. However, if you do not have high requirements for wireless speakers, many models won’t cost you anything but will bring a fantastic sound experience. The Tronsmart T7 Mini is one of the best examples of how a small-sized smart speaker can make your home full of delicious sounds.

This speaker is compact, allowing you to place it anywhere without occupying much space. At the same time, this product doesn’t boggle to get wet because it has IPX7 protection. This Tronsmart Bluetooth speaker also comes with backlights, making it a good companion when partying. Of course, you shouldn’t have illusions and think of it as a top-end speaker, but what it brings corresponds to its price.

As the name implies, this is the small-sized version of the original Tronsmart T7. The latter has been welcomed by consumers quite well due to its powerful speaker, sound quality, and many other features. So it’s compelling to know whether this product continues the gen of its founding father.

Box content

Bluetooth 5.3 speaker

The product comes in a bright white square cardboard box with color pictures and specifications on the back.

Inside the package, we can find:

  • Tronsmart T7 Mini Speaker
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Auxiliary cable
  • Manual

Design and materials

Bluetooth 5.3 speaker

The first thing you should know about the new Tronsmart T7 Mini speaker is its high protection against moisture and drops. The materials it uses are pretty solid. Unfortunately, it’s available in a single color option – black.

The entire side surface is covered with a water-repellent fabric that is pleasant to the touch, with rubber parts on the top and bottom panels. At the top of the Tronsmart T7 Mini, we can find a circle of LEDs that light up depending on the music and beat it plays.

Quite portable to carry out with you wherever you go.

The speaker weighs exactly half a kilo. The company logo, made up of voluminous rubber letters, is glued to the fabric and looks elegant. There is also a rope attached to the top edge that you can use to hang it or secure it. Thus, it can be placed on desks or other horizontal surfaces and hung.

Tronsmart T7 Mini

As said above, our protagonist is IPX7 waterproof. This means you can immerse it in water. But it’s not recommended to leave it there for a long time. Simply put, it shouldn’t fall into the pool, but it withstands water splashes without problems.

The controls are located at the top.

Sound quality

Tronsmart T7 Mini

The Tronsmart T7 Mini features a single wideband speaker at the front and a passive bass radiator at the rear. The total output power is 15W. This is not too high, but it’s an expected value for a small-sized Bluetooth speaker.

Also, its frequency range varies from 20 to 20,000 Hz. This is where the company failed. Other products on the market have a much higher frequency range. However, thanks to the TWS technology, you can listen to your favorite songs in stereo mode using two Tronsmart T7 Mini speakers. This is the solution we found. For this, you only have to synchronize the two devices.

Tronsmart T7 Mini

When it came to the sound experience, we were pleasantly surprised. With open windows or outdoors, the Tronsmart T7 Mini could provide quality and volume of sound. The bass makes the music you listen to immersively.

Surprising sound performance outdoors.

Its volume is sufficient to listen outdoors. But using this speaker is not recommended when there are more than ten people at your party. At maximum volume, the T7 Mini does not distort or saturate in the reproduction of songs.

Autonomy and battery

On a single charge, when the backlight is turned off, the speaker might last for up to 18 hours. However, if you turn on the light, the duration is reduced to 8 hours. All these numbers are for a volume of 50%. Therefore, the autonomy will drop significantly if you like listening to music at a high volume. For instance, when listening to music with a volume between 80% and 90%, the duration will be about 3.5 hours with the backlight on.

Bluetooth 5.3 speaker

Extra features

We guess you have noticed that the Bluetooth speakers launched in 2022 basically come with a backlight. The Tronsmart T7 Mini has a ring of LEDs. They light up in different colors according to the rhythm of the music and have two operating modes. But they do not vary much. That’s why we recommend turning them off to save more power. Moreover, they are not capable of creating an “atmospheric” effect. So the best time to use those light effects is the night.


Tronsmart T7 Mini

The connection with the smartphone is fast and stable. That’s because this speaker supports Bluetooth 5.3 technology. As it should be, the battery status is displayed on the screen. All sound notifications have pleasant sounds.

When the AUX cable is connected, the speaker detects it and automatically selects the corresponding mode. In addition, it comes with a Micro SD slot in case you want to play music from that source.

Bluetooth 5.3 speaker

If a call comes during music playback, the speaker volume adjusts to the preset phone volume, and you can hear the caller clearly. On the other hand, it has a built-in microphone, which you can use during phone calls.

We are dealing with an IPX7-certified product. So the bottom has a massive cover, which hides the USB Type-C port for charging, an AUX jack for wired music connection, and a Micro SD card slot.


The Tronsmart T7 Mini is suitable for listening to music of various genres, such as pop and rap, or electronic music like trance and house. But it’s not recommended to use it if you are a lover of classical or instrumental music. Its portability, weight, design, water resistance, and price make us conclude that it is an ideal speaker for a trip.

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