Mijia Smart Socket 3 already available for purchase for 59 yuan ($8.6)

August 24, 2022

Today, a new and very useful product from Xiaomi went on sale. We are talking about the Mijia Smart Socket 3, which is currently available for only 59 yuan ($8.6). Due to it, your traditional home appliances will turn into smart products.

Mijia Smart Socket 3

Mijia Smart Socket 3 key advantages

Users can remotely control the power on/off of the device through the Mijia app and check the power consumption status in real-time.

In addition, with XiaoAi speakers, users can easily control the home appliances switch with just one sentence. Moreover, they can a timer for switching or turning on the device remotely through Xiao Ai.

The third-gen Mijia Smart Socket can be applied in multiple scenarios. For instance, you can use it with traditional lamps to remotely control the switch; you can use it with electric heaters; you can use it with TVs.

Mijia Smart Socket 3

At the same time, this device supports local timing/countdown. So even if for some reason, it is disconnected, it can still perform tasks. The third-gen Mijia Smart Socket supports double-click operations for quickly starting the countdown function. All adjustments are implemented through the apps.

The Mijia Smart Socket 3 provides detailed power consumption statistics reports. Since you can see the power consumption data at a glance, you can understand how to optimize it. The accuracy is improved by 50% compared with the previous generation.

Mijia Smart Socket 3 app control

Of course, the Mijia Smart Socket 3 has many safety features, including over-temperature protection, overload protection, over-current protection, and support custom power upper limit. It also supports child lock and charging protection and has an independent safety door.

We should note that the new smart socket only supports a 2.4GHz WiFi connection. So it is only suitable for 10A electrical appliances (table lamps, rice cookers, and small appliances) and not suitable for 16A electrical appliances (such as air conditioners and high-power water heaters).

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