Mijia Smart Curtain 1S released with improved features

August 23, 2022

Xiaomi’s smart curtains are among our favorite products. Today, the company released a new one, namely the Mijia Smart Curtain 1S, starting at 799 yuan ($117). This amazing product will go on pre-sale on August 25.

Mijia Smart Curtain 1S

The Mijia Smart Curtain 1S supports various intelligent opening and closing methods, voice control through Xiao Ai, and has a built-in Wi-Fi module, which can be controlled at any time outside. You can set when the curtains should open/close. Once telling it when you wake up, the curtains will slowly open within 35 minutes to avoid dazzling sunlight. Also, you can set the curtains to automatically close at noon to protect the furniture from being damaged.

smart curtains

We guess you won’t buy only one. But this is not a problem at all. Through MIUI Home smart home screen, you can control them all. It also supports intelligent linkage with XiaoAi speakers, Mijia ceiling lights, Xiaomi wireless switches, and Xiaomi smart door lock to realize functions such as nighttime lights off, theater mode, etc.

smart curtain motor

Mijia Smart Curtain 1S key advantages

The Mijia Smart Curtain 1S uses a permanent magnet DC motor and a high-torque motor. Due to them, the product provides a smooth operation of curtains weighing up to 50kg. The operation adopts a constant speed mode, which can keep the running speed stable even with different weights of curtains. It supports single and two-way opening and closing methods and supports single-track, double-track, top-mounted, side-mounted various straight-rail installation methods. However, the Smart Curtain does not support L-shaped, U-shaped, and other special-shaped tracks. Compared with the previous generation of Mijia Smart Curtains, the number of magnetic columns has increased to 18. With the 360° Hall scanning algorithm, the opening and closing ratio regulation is more precise.

Mijia Smart Curtain 1S

In addition, you can also control the smart curtain by remote control and hand-pull start. Even if there is a power failure at home, it can be pulled by hand like ordinary curtains.

Mijia Smart Curtain 1S


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