Daily Elements Sneakers 5 – Mijia Sneakers 4 Successor Launched

August 23, 2022

We know that Xiaomi has its own crowdfunding platforms. Xiaomi Youpin is among them. Basically, any product landing on this platform is somehow related to Xiaomi. So if you want to get acquainted with Xiaomi eco-chain company products, this is the best place. For instance, recently, Xiaomi Youpin’s self-developed new lifestyle consumer brand Daily Elements released a new product: Daily Elements Sneakers 5, priced at 249 yuan ($36).

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The Daily Elements Sneakers 5 adopts various innovative technologies, such as one-piece knitted upper, fifth-generation fishbone locking, and self-developed soft elastic midsole.

Daily Element Sneakers 5

Briefly About Daily Elements

As for the brand itself, Daily Element aims to provide users with quality life products with rich details and good design.

Since the establishment of the Daily Element brand, it has successively launched daily household consumption products mainly based on household paper; kitchen products represented by water cups; daily tool products represented by rain gear; oral care and protective masks represented by personal care and health products, etc.

However, we should point out that the Daily Element Sneakers 5 is a representative work of daily wear products under the Daily Elements brand, and it’s a follow-up product to the Mijia sneaker series.

Daily Element Sneakers 5 Features

If you like Xiaomi fashion, you should know that the Mijia sneaker series has launched a total of 4 generations of products. They all are outstanding sports shoes. We mean, starting from the very first generation, the company has been collecting data and analyzing them. We have to say that the fifth-gen sneakers differ from all previous generations. These shoes are better in various aspects, including physical properties, texture, etc.

Daily Element Sneakers 5

Compared with the low fit of the first 4-generation products, the shoe tongue structure has returned to the traditional shoe tongue structure. The latter brings a comfortable experience and is suitable for more foot shapes with high and low insteps.

Mijia sneakers 4 successor

It also uses a self-developed “nougat” soft elastic midsole. It uses recycled materials such as plants and secondary foaming EVA. We guess the unique appearance of nougat particles is the future trend of many sports shoe brands.

This environmentally friendly material also brings a soft and elastic foot feel. The thicker sole increases the deformation space and greatly improves the comfort of the upper foot. Stepping on the ground, taking off, and stepping on each step is soft.

mijia sneakers 4 successor

At the same time, it retains the lineage of Mijia sports shoes such as one-piece knitted upper, fishbone lock, eversion heel, stable TPU cup, one-piece outsole, and technology breathable, antibacterial insole, etc.

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