Ninebot G30P Max folding electric scooter review: Solid vehicle for efficient performance!

August 14, 2022


  • Lightweight build
  • Good performance
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Multiple safety features


  • Larger charging time

Ninebot G30P Max folding electric scooter

Ninebot G30P Max folding electric scooter

Segway Ninebot is a renowned brand in the segment of intelligent electric vehicles to cater to customers’ short-commuting needs efficiently. In the portfolio, the company involves a dynamic range of foldable electric cars to attain the top level of customer satisfaction. The Ninebot G30P Max folding electric scooter is an innovative creation in this regard to address users’ modern traveling needs. It comprehensively reflects the commitment, agility, efficiency, and class. This dedicated guide intends to unhide its various characteristics and configurations to help readers make informed buying decisions.

Established in 1999, Segway is one of the leading brands in the zone of personal transportation. The company has gone through decades of experience developing, marketing, and exporting efficient products, i.e., intelligent short-distance transportation and service robots. Presently, Segway Ninebot, being a global enterprise, is serving customers across borders in more than 80 countries and regions. It just has crossed the corporate value of US$1.5 billion.

Physical appearance and build

As usual, we will take note of the construction and external look of Ninebot’s G30P Max electric scooter. The critical achievement to mention is, no doubt, the foldable body to make it compact to fit in the car’s trunk. Further, it is good to see excellent aesthetics collaborating with the folding physique to ensure convenience while storing the scooter. In the full size, the electric scooter measures 116.7×42.4×120.3cm, while the folding size is a mere 116.7×42.3×53.4cm.

Analyzing individual components, the Ninebot G30P Max electric scooter houses an LED display in the middle of the handlebar. It is clear and sharp to manifest riding data explicitly. The 3-step folding process is quick to perform. The deck size is significantly improved as compared to the previous iteration. Also, the IPX5 waterproof rating offers good resistance against water and dust.

Durable, lightweight, and dependable for local commuting!

The scooter has delivered a lightweight yet sturdy construction with an aluminum alloy frame. It weighs only 18.7kg (41.2lbs) but can bear up to 100kg of load capacity. There is a flashlight at the front to lighten night commuting. At the bottom, Ninebot’s G30P Max scooter achieves a pair of 10-inch tubeless rubber tires. Overall, the Ninebot scooter is sturdy, durable, and dependable for students and individuals who need to commute in an urban environment.


An intuitive LED dashboard is integrated into the handlebar to bring a specialized cockpit. It is a clear and brighter surface to read the information clearly in the full sun. Also, the display automatically adjusts to dimmer at night when you turn on the front light. A power button sits below the display to control the power, mode, lights, etc. The same features can also be controlled via a mobile app.

Intuitive panel to monitor scooter information!

On the LED dashboard, riders will have access to several types of information during the journey. It shows people the current speed, battery capacity, mileage, etc. When you turn on the flashlight, its icon is displayed on the screen. In other features on the handlebar, the scooter reflects handgrips covered with high-textured rubber to ensure a stern grip. The thumb throttle is also protected with rubber. You’ll have a safety bell and brake lever with easy access when necessary.


Regarding motor integration, the Ninebot G30P Max comes equipped with a 350W brushless motor. It is a high-efficiency motor but may lack a bit to produce the desired level of potential. The scooter can deliver up to 18.6 mph in terms of official data. However, it looks impressive when you have to do local commuting on flat lands and perform your daily tasks.

Efficient performance and torque on all road conditions!

Meanwhile, the Ninebot G30P Max scooter provides multiple riding modes to be controlled on the dashboard. There is an Eco Mode to let you enjoy a max speed of around 11 mph and also the broadest range. In the D Mode, the scooter runs at the max speed of 18 mph. The most powerful Sports Mode will eat the battery drastically, offering all the acceleration and torque. Also, the motor supports the vehicle to conquer 20% gradeability easily.


Under the hood, the Ninebot scooter captures a 551Wh lithium battery to cater to power requirements. On every charge, it is said to deliver up to 40.4 miles of range to assist your daily commuting needs. However, in our testing, we found the vehicle to obtain only 13.6 miles of content but in the Sports Mode. We noted the scooter with a max range of 38 miles in Eco Mode.

Good endurance for local commuting!

Therefore, it seems enough for daily commuting through the town and doing your errands. It comes with a charging port to empower the battery when needed. The electric scooter protects against over-charging, over-heating, over-current and short-circuit, etc. The charging time is approx. 6 hours.

Tires & braking

It is one of the incredible components, and Ninebot endeavors passionately to bring some of the high-quality pair of tires for its G30P Max scooter. It equips 10-inch diameter tubeless pneumatic rubber tires designed to withstand harsh road conditions and rough terrains. Filled with air, tires are more resistant to tire deflation and deliver a comfortable cushioned riding experience.

Worry-free riding on all sorts of terrains and surfaces!

In terms of braking, the Segway Ninebot scooter demonstrates an innovative regenerative brake system to ensure a safer and more comfortable journey. The dual (electric + drum) braking system offers more safety alongside converting kinetic energy into electric energy to boost battery life.


Segway Ninebot G30P Max Folding Electric Scooter is an innovative assembly with many advanced features. With a 350W brushless motor, 551Wh long-lasting battery, and lightweight construction, Ninebot’s vehicle is an ideal choice for students and daily commuters. It features more vital aspects in several departments with some drawbacks in a few. But overall, it will be a great pick to roam around the town.

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