Tronsmart Space S1 review: A pretty different experience

August 31, 2022


  • flexible design
  • Open-design headphones
  • IPX5 protection
  • Bluetooth 5.3


  • Losing some music details
  • Not impressive battery life

Tronsmart Space S1

We guess most of you are not familiar with the brand Tronsmart. So the Tronsmart Space S1 is an excellent product to get acquainted with. These TWS headphones have many exciting features you will get a good impression of. The headphones are designed for outdoor sports that emit sound directly to our ears without contact. We understand that they differ from conventional headphones. And most likely, many customers won’t pay attention to it. But it’s highly recommended to look at it first and then make conclusions.

The Tronsmart Space S1 headphones feature a flexible and open design. Also, these headphones support both Android and iOS operating systems. So no matter what smartphone you own, they will be compatible with any of them. They offer Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and IPX5 protection, two microphones for calls, and an enhanced bass mode. These open-back headphones send sound directly into the ear. The battery included in them gives us an autonomy of 16 hours of use. And they have a USB-C interface for recharging. This is a brief introduction to the headphones we will discuss in detail below.


Tronsmart Space S1

The Tronsmart Space S1 Bluetooth headphones come in a classic cardboard box with product specifications and images printed. The headphones come boxed. Thus, during transportation, they won’t be damaged.

In the packaging of the Tronsmart Space S1 headphones, you can find a charging case with an integrated battery, ear adapters, and a USB-C cable.


Tronsmart Space S1

The Tronsmart Space S1 open earphones are flexible and can comfortably hang from our ears. One has a USB-C connector that we can use with any conventional charger. Next to it, we can find the control and connection buttons. There is also a side LED indicating the state of the battery.

As said, these headphones adopt an open design. On each earphone, we have a silicone pad that rests against our ear and transmits the sound to our inner ear. Thus, you do not have to wear them like traditional in-ear headphones. We understand that this is what many people need when doing sport. But these headphones are made for quite a different experience.

Ideal for those who don’t like in-ear headphones.

The Tronsmart S1 Bluetooth headphones have two physical buttons. They are for volume adjustment. However, they are used for other purposes as well. For instance, with these controls, it is possible to change the audio track, raise and lower volume, answer calls or run the assistant of our smartphone.

These headphones have IPX5 protection and withstand sweat when doing sports.

Audio performance

Tronsmart Space S1

To understand whether these headphones can provide good sound performance, we carried out several tests with the Tronsmart Space S1. Now, we can say that the integrated Bluetooth 5.3 chip provides stable connectivity, and they have a good audio range for various types of music. This is the latest Bluetooth standard. So it’s reasonable to have several improvements over the previous generations. For instance, it not only brings enhanced performance, a much better user experience, and, above all, energy consumption but also it is more secure. Bluetooth increases control over the size of the encrypted key. The thing is that Bluetooth 5.3 will allow the controller to set a minimum size that the encryption key must have to connect to another device.

Simply put, if the active devices around do not provide sufficient guarantees, devices supporting Bluetooth 5.3 will not try to connect to them, saving power. Maybe this feature is not useful on these headphones, but it will be essential for IoT devices such as door controls, Bluetooth lights in public areas, or portable medical devices.

Bluetooth 5.3 does its job perfectly.

The Tronsmart Space-S1 has speakers in the internal area in contact with the ear. The open system offers us a somewhat lower quality than the audio of some internal ones. The Tronsmart Space S1 offers us a system of two microphones. They ensure good quality in the audio.

Battery life

Tronsmart Space S1

These headphones have a 250mAh battery inside. Plus, a USB-C port can be used to charge them via any 5V 2A adapter. The battery will reach 100% in 2 hours, sufficient to listen to music for 16 hours. In general, the charging time is not too long. Though it doesn’t come with fast charging support, the headphones sport an optimal-sized battery that will charge quickly and last long.


We can say that the Tronsmart headphones product is an exciting option for those who do not want in-ear headphones and prefer a more flexible design for sports. The microphone system is suitable for calls. Again, many of you might complain, saying they have nothing in common with traditional headphones. But have you thought about those who can’t wear in-ear or half-in-ear headphones for some reason? We don’t want to say they are for people with problems, but they can be ideal for them.

The Tronsmart S1 has a pretty good sound performance. Of course, some audio ranges are sacrificed when using this audio transmission system, but you should understand if you are looking for such a product.

The autonomy is about 16 hours, with volume at 60%. With a higher volume, it will drop. Also, we have IPX5 protection to prevent damage from sweat or splashes.

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