Smartmi Smart Toilet All-in-One 2S launched at 5,999 yuan ($888)

August 10, 2022

Smartmi is a Xiaomi eco-chain company that focuses on making various smart home products. Today, the firm released the new Smartmi Smart Toilet All-in-One 2S. The pre-sale price of this product is 5,999 yuan ($888).

According to the official introduction, the comes with a laser-intelligent foot-sensing flip cover. Thus, you don’t have to flip it manually. So you won’t touch it with dirty hands. Also, it supports five washing and care modes such as children’s washing and stool-assisted washing.

Smartmi Smart Toilet All-in-One 2S

The Smartmi Smart Toilet All-in-One 2S has a built-in water tank, combined with a dual-engine water pump. So it can store energy in two layers of water pressure, breaking through the water pressure limit. It also has a battery backup. Thus, it can be flushed even if for some reason there is a power outage.

There is a laser probe installed under the toilet. You can flip it, turn, and flush with your feet, without bending over and getting your hands dirty. It also supports automatic flushing when you leave the seat.

Smartmi Smart Toilet All-in-One 2S

In terms of rinsing, 0.1-second fast heating + AI intelligent temperature control provides butt washing and women’s washing. Moreover, the water flow intensity can be adjusted by rotating. It also supports automatic deodorization when sitting down, 4-speed warm air drying, and 6-speed seat ring heating.

Using a 4-layer antibacterial solution, the UV ultraviolet sterilization rate is 99.99%, and it supports the self-cleaning of the boom. The company has added a silver ion antibacterial material to the seat ring. Its antibacterial rate exceeds 99%. The remote control is also made of antibacterial material.

Smartmi Smart Toilet All-in-One 2S

The filter element adopts a semi-permeable visual design. It supports quick release and replacement of the core, without closing the valve. Once it senses a dangerous situation, the water will automatically stop.


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