Xiaomi Projector 2S Launched Via Crowdfunding Platform

August 8, 2022

Xiaomi launches many products through its crowdfunding platforms. This is a common practice used by many manufacturers. So Xiaomi uses such approaches as well. Today, the company released a new product through one of its crowdfunding platforms. We are talking about the Xiaomi Projector 2S, which comes with a retail price of 3499 yuan ($517) and a crowdfunding price of 3199 yuan ($473).

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Key Features of Xiaomi Projector 2S

The Xiaomi Projector 2S has 850 ANSI lumens brightness and supports a 1080P resolution. and 100% Rec.709 color gamut.

Xiaomi Projector 2S brightness

At the same time, the projector supports omnidirectional automatic correction. Regardless of its projection conditions (be it front projection, side projection, or ceiling mount), it can automatically project a square picture without manual adjustment.

In terms of hardware, this projector sports the Amlogic T982 chip. Its highest frequency is 1.9GHz. Compared with the Amlogic T972, the performance has improved by 100%. Its supercomputing power is up to 2.600 billion times per second and therefore, it has a strong image processing performance. Also, the chip is paired with 2GB+16GB dual-channel memory.

Xiaomi Projector 2S speakers

In other aspects, the Xiaomi Projector 2S has AI image quality enhancement and MEMC motion compensation. There are built-in 1.75-inch full-quality high-fidelity two speakers that support Dolby Atmos. They have a maximum power of 10W and use a 570ml large-volume air duct design.

Also, we can see an HDMI 2.1 interface (TMDS, maximum resolution 4K 60Hz), USB2.0, and headphone jack. When connected to various devices through the HDMI port, the delay effect is as low as 40ms.

Xiaomi Projector 2S

Lastly, the Xiaomi Projector 2S is also unsurprisingly able to access the Mijia ecosystem. So through it, you can control lights, curtains, and other smart devices using voice commands. In effect, Xiaomi’s voice assistant Xiao Ai will create a movie-watching atmosphere.

So this is another affordable projector that comes our way from Xiaomi, which knows how to design and produce cost-effective products.

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