Xiaomi Navee N65 folding electric scooter review: Designed to achieve hassle-free commuting!

August 12, 2022


  • Unique tubular design
  • Robust construction
  • Powerful motor
  • All-season pneumatic tires


  • A bit smaller speed

Xiaomi Navee N65 Folding Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Youpin Navee N65 folding electric scooter

Launched in December last year, the Xiaomi Navee N65 folding electric scooter is an excellent reflection of innovation and creativity. Due to a heavy crowdfunding campaign in China, it has made its way to the market. There are lots of things that set the Navee N65 scooter apart from the rest of the competition. The dual rotation folding mechanism is the prime attraction that allows you to bend the stem and handlebar to fold it to a very compact size. Today, in this guide, we would like to share thoughts on the scooter’s various prospects to disclose its potential or limitations, if any.

The Navee N65 folding electric scooter is an invention that comes under the Xiaomi eco-system. The Chinese firm is one of the leading manufacturers specializing in developing and marketing high-end technology products across multiple assortments. Xiaomi has successfully obtained a massive customer base across global countries by serving clients with quality, innovation, and excellent customer support. Xiaomi is looking forward to captivating and consolidating the market share in intelligent electric vehicles, including scooters, bikes, skateboards, hoverboards, and others.

Design and build

Xiaomi Youpin Navee N65 scooter

Most electric scooters adopt a foldable design with a quick-fold facility. Also, they remove the handlebar, and you must assemble it using 4 screws before commuting. This is where the Navee N65 stands alone. It hosts a pre-assembled physique that doesn’t need any screw to manage the ready-to-move chassis immediately. The dual rotation folding mechanism is another enticing characteristic of the vehicle.

Further, the Navee scooter has a sturdy and interesting tubular chassis construction with a tough lock system. The deck is wider (17cm) enough to let your place your feet conveniently. On the handlebar, it equips an LED panel in a unique style to show real-time performance data. Both handles provide nice and comfortable gripping with rubber grips.

Eye-catching design and dual-fold structure!

In terms of physical build and dimensions, the Navee N65 utilizes stainless steel, aluminum, and magnesium alloy frame to obtain a robust physique. The strong body can host a load capacity of up to 120kg. In the folding state, the Navee N65 scooter measures 121×20.5x46cm and 119x51x122cm in the extended state. The IPX4 water-resistant structure weighs 23.5kg.


Xiaomi Youpin Navee N65 scooter

The Xiaomi Navee N65 scooter is successful in integrating a powerful 500W brushless motor to conquer the desired performance. It is the prime driving force, and the manufacturer has managed things incredibly. The brushless motor ensures stable, convenient, and powerful performance with good torque. It enables the scooter to surpass up to 25-degree of the slope without any noticeable difficulty. Also, it can achieve the max 25km/h mark of speed across all conditions.

Showing dexterity through toughness and efficacy!

Furthermore, individuals will have three riding modes to manage the vehicle in three-speed categories. You can adjust the speed across three levels – 15km/h, 20km/h, and 25km/h. Also, the noise-free operations will turn your journey to be memorable and comfortable forever.


Xiaomi Youpin Navee N65 folding electric scooter

The uniquely-styled display integration is one of the major highlights of the Navee N65 electric scooter. It is adjusted in the middle of the handlebar that can also be tilted after loosening some screws. The screen looks glossy and stylish with round corners and glass protection. It is clear and sharp enough to present the intended information even in daylight.

Clear and brighter screen to show several pieces of information!

The dominant information is the speed, along with some other parameters in a bit smaller size. You will consistently monitor battery status, vehicle speed, mileage, riding mode, etc. The battery status indicator isn’t in the percentage expression, but the current battery voltage showing in the lower right corner helps a lot.


Xiaomi Youpin Navee N65 folding electric scooter

The power department of the Navee N65 electric scooter looks more impressive with the high-performance 48V 12.5Ah (600Wh) lithium battery. It gets the endurance to serve riders with up to 65km on every single charge.

Long-lasting battery to let you visit more destinations!

Additionally, the scooter supports BMS (Battery Management System) to ensure more safety concerns. It brings good protection modules against over-charging, over-current, over-discharging, over-voltage and short-circuits, etc. Moreover, the scooter requires around 6 hours to refill the battery using a portable connector.

Tires & braking

Xiaomi Youpin Navee N65 folding electric scooter

With a diameter of 10 inches, tubeless tires are filled with air to enhance the overall performance of the Xiaomi Navee N65 folding scooter. Both tires are 3-inch wider to contain good suspension on bumpy and uneven roads. The pair utilizes the pneumatic rubber material to be sturdy, tough, and gallantry.

Anti-skid tires offer a comfortable trip with good safety brakes!

In terms of braking, the electric scooter features a mechanical disc brake on the rear wheel. On the front, the vehicle equips an electronic brake (engine braking) to manage efficient riding for a comfortable and safe journey. An electronic brake works only when recuperation is switched on. The rear disc brake immediately locks to skid the vehicle during emergency braking. Since it is a rear wheel, the skid is comparatively easy to handle.


The Xiaomi Navee N65 folding electric scooter is an intellectual development to support daily commuting needs. It houses a 500W brushless motor, solid construction, 12.5Ah battery, and clear display to lead the competition in this price segment. 10-inch anti-slip and anti-skid tires are incredible gems to enhance performance to a great extent. Riders are likely to enjoy great mileage and battery endurance; however, a 25km/h speed might be weaker with the electric scooter integrating a 500W motor. Overall, the Navee N65 electric scooter would be a perfect choice for town commuting.

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  • Robust chassis with aluminum alloy and carbon steel holds 120kg load.
  • LED display panel provides real-time info on battery, ...
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