Wanbo T2R review: Retro-like projector with basic functions

August 4, 2022


  • New Ryzen chips
  • Solid build
  • Large memory
  • Large battery


  • Not ideal gaming performance
  • Lack of some interfaces
  • No replaceable memory

Wanbo T2R

Projectors are very practical these days. But if you want something portable, you have to look for the best offers at various brands. Of course, there are too many companies that design and sell portable projectors, but from my experience, I have to say most of them are garbage. However, recently, we were stuck at an intriguing projector. It’s the Wanbo T2R.

This projector comes our way from a brand that is familiar to those who are interested in projectors but unfamiliar to others. As we have tested many products of this company, we have to say that we have no doubts this projector will have a solid build quality and uses quality materials. But it’s one thing to look attractive and has good specs on paper, and quitter a different thing to perform well in real.

Unboxing and design

Wanbo T2R appearance

When unpacking the box and taking it out from the package, the first thing that comes to our minds is “how small and portable it is”. Actually, this retro-looking projector can easily fit in your palm.

Wanbo T2R

Compared with ordinary projectors that weigh a few kilograms, the Wanbo T2R, which is less than 900g, is really ultra-lightweight. So you can take it with you wherever you go. It is comfy when traveling or camping.

Well, as for the appearance, the Wanbo T2R comes with a bright white shell with the mirror-like texture of the piano. The silver fence-like openings on the front and rear of the Wanbo T2R are the ventilation grills.

Wanbo T2R interfaces

However, on such a compact body, you will notice the lens, which looks like a big eye. The Wanbo T2R uses LED as the projection light source and adopts an all-glass lens with a brightness of 350 ANSI Lumens. So this simply means the projector can be used in the daytime mainly. The resolution is 1920 x 1080, which is also compatible with 4K video files. The projection distance is 1.2m ~ 5m, and the corresponding projection size is 40″ ~ 180″.

There is a power button on the top. Plus, we can find a large knob on the front used for projection focusing and focal length.

Wanbo T2R design

The ports of Wanbo T2R are located at the top of the back of the machine. From left to right are the power supply port, USB port, HDMI audio, and video output, and 3.5mm audio output.

Though the projector has a built-in Android TV smart function, you can also use HDMI to connect to a computer or PS, Switch, and other devices.

A retro-style projector that fits in hand.

Unfortunately, this projector has no built-in battery. The power supply part is a transformer and the part is 57W (19V3A), which is probably the same power consumption as a common notebook.

Moreover, you can use the USB port for directly plugging in flash storage and viewing photos, videos, or music files. There is a remote control, which uses an infrared connection and can be used without pairing. The projector has a mouse mode switch button in the upper right corner.


Wanbo T2R performance

It is hard to imagine that such a compact machine as Wanbo T2R supports FullHD resolution. It can project a 40-inch large screen at a distance of 1.2m, 80 inches at 2.5m, and even 180 inches at 5m. Of course, it is better to use a projection screen.

The side projection can be corrected to a large angle of about 40%, which is very convenient to use at home. We guess you understand that keystone correction or side projection will affect the projection size.

As you can see in the specs sheet, the Wanbo T2R also has two built-in 3W speakers on the left and right sides of the fuselage. They can provide stereo playback without external speakers.

Wanbo T2R speakers

The operating system of the Wanbo T2R is Android TV 9.0. Though it’s not the latest version of Google’s operating system, it is quite mainstream at present. Plus, the system comes with a built-in Chromecast projection function. The advantage of using the Android system is the built-in common applications such as Youtube, LiTV, and others. Moreover, if you want something more, you can always download them from Play Market.

Android TV 9.0 brings many goodies.

Inside, the Wanbo T2R sports an Amlogic T972 high-performance chip, built-in 2GB memory, and 16GB storage space. As you guess, some part of the storage is occupied by the system and various apps. But even so, there is still 12GB of free space.

You can set the function items you like to use preferentially on the main screen channel, and they will appear in the display order first when you turn on the phone. You can also choose to disable the functions that are not commonly used and do not appear on the custom channel.

Also, the Wanbo T2R supports Bluetooth 5.0. It’s very useful when using a wireless mouse or connecting to external devices.

Getting back to the most useful feature of Android TV, the Google Chromecast connection function allows the mobile phone’s screen to be projected on the large screen. once this mode is on, the mobile phone does not need to stay on the original screen, and you can continue to use it. For instance, you can continue using Facebook or replying to messages.


What we can say about the Wanbo T2R is that it’s a very portable projector that has nothing to boast of but its appearance. On the other hand, it has everything you need. But you should also keep in mind that this projector can only be used in concrete scenarios.

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