RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition review: Good but not the best

August 4, 2022


  • New Ryzen chips
  • Solid build
  • Large memory
  • Large battery


  • Not ideal gaming performance
  • Lack of some interfaces
  • No replaceable memory

RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition

RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition

Before the RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition went public, which was last year, Redmi launched the RedmiBook Pro 15 series with both Ryzen and Intel chips made a furor in the market. The RedmiBook Pro 15 2021 Intel version was considered to be a bucket machine, a phrase that describes a device with no shortcomings. Therefore, later, the company launched the AMD Ryzen version. But because of the shortage of chips, the company took them off the shelves. So customers didn’t manage to evaluate the Ryzen version of the RedmiBooks.

Brand new notebook

Recently, Xiaomi launched the new RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition. Frankly, it is far ahead of the previous generation in terms of configuration. For instance, it comes with the R7 6800H/R5 6600H, core display/RTX2050, 3.2K 90Hz screen, 16GB DDR5 6400MHz dual-channel memory, and 512GB solid state. As you can see, its positioning is completely different from the previous generation RedmiBook Pro 15 2021. We mean the latter was attributed as an office notebook for daily use and simple work. However, this one is a high-performance ultrabook, and its positioning is biased towards professional productivity.

Today, we are going to test the R7 6800H version. It has no independent display. So the price/performance ratio is very high. When comparing the previous generation RedmiBook Pro 15 2021 and RedmiBook Pro 15 2021 Ryzen Edition, the price has basically not increased, but the performance has been substantially improved. For instance, in comparison to the RedmiBook Pro 15 2021, the CPU performance is increased by 130%, and the GPU is increased by 30%; compared with the RedmiBook Pro 15 2021 Ryzen Edition, the CPU is increased by 10% and the GPU is increased by 100%. So the company could reach unprecedented improvement without touching the price.

​RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition heat dissipation

RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition

This is where you won’t find many differences in comparison to the previous generation. It still uses an integrated aluminum alloy appearance. And we have to say, like many other products in the niche, this laptop wants to look like the MacBook. The weight of the body remains unchanged at 1.8kg. But the thickness is reduced from 16.4mm to 14.9mm.

RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition keyboard

The previous RedmiBook Pro 15 2021 had a good reputation. But there were some points that disappointed the users – poor temperature control and insufficient power consumption release. Ok, these are the same – the heat dissipation capacity of the machine is insufficient, so the power consumption release cannot be too high. In effect, the standalone version of RedmiBook Pro 15 2021 only had a 32W power consumption release. As you understand, it’s impossible to play mainstream games with such a power consumption. So the performance was further limited.

What’s improved

But Xiaomi and its satellite companies learn from their mistakes. The new RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 has greatly improved heat dissipation. What it did include:

  • There are dense air inlets at the bottom of the fuselage;
  • The footpads have also been made higher for better air intake;
  • The air outlet at the connection between the keyboard surface and the screen is enlarged to enhance the efficiency of heat dissipation;
  • The internal cooling scale has changed from a single fan to a double fan.

All these improvements make the RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 have a power consumption release and heat dissipation level that far exceeds the previous generation.

RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition back

What we didn’t like is that the surface temperature is not good enough. The heat accumulation in the CPU part still does exist. The average temperature of the entire keyboard reaches 31.36 degrees. But this problem doesn’t spread to the touchpad area, because it is far from the CPU core.

RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition hardware and performance

RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition

The R7 6800H is a brand new chip that uses the 6nm process. But we have to say, if excluding the memory impact, its performance should be almost identical to the previous generation R7 5800H. The external speed of the solid state is not even as good as that of the mechanical hard disk, the cache capacity is about 65GB, and the internal write speed is close to 2800mb/s. Thus, it’s too fast.

However, you can’t expand either the SSD or the memory. Moreover, you can’t replace it. Fortunately, this is not true for the SSD. But we guess 16GB of memory will not make any app run out of memory. The R20 running score of RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 is stable at 5070 and R23 is stable at 13100. Although the CPU part has a small improvement, the core display part has improved a lot. The R7 6800H integrates a new core display 680M.

With the support of DDR5 memory, the 680M can achieve a 3Dmark TimeSpy score of 2200-2300, which is about twice that of the R7 5800H core display. The RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 sports 6400MHz D5 memory, which is much stronger than the general 4800MHz D5 memory. This is the main reason why the core display’s benchmark score is also higher. It reaches 2491 points, which is more than 30% higher than the MX450 of the RedmiBook Pro 15 2021. At the same time, the performance of the CPU is 2.3 times that of the I5-11300H of RedmiBook Pro 15 2021!

Not for games

However, we insist that the RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition is not suitable for playing mainstream games. For instance, the average frame of DOTA2 is 82, but when playing it on this notebook, the frame rate during team battle will drop to 50 frames, which will seriously affect the operation. Nevertheless, you can “fix“ this by using medium special effects + high rendering to play the game.

On the net, you will find many reviews saying that the 6800H can play large-scale stand-alone games. But the actual tests show that though the 6800H has a strong core display, its performance is similar to that of the NVIDIA MX550 alone. Thus, for not-large games, it’s ideal, but not for heavy games.


Our protagonist comes with a large 72Wh battery. So it’s reasonable to expect a long battery life. It scored 4044 points, which is not low.


There are various ports, such as 2 USB Type-C, one USB A, an HDMI 2.0, and an SD. The laptop has only one USB A port, which is not very convenient. It would be better if there were 2 A ports.

RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition display

RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition screen

The RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 comes with a 3200*2000 high-resolution screen, which supports a 90Hz refresh rate and high color gamut. Thus, there are no changes in comparison with the previous generation. However, the display of this year’s notebook has got some enhancements as well. The brightness is 100nit higher than the previous generation, and the screen will not feel black during daytime use. Plus, the contrast ratio still maintains the high level of the previous generation.

The company has also added a hardware-level anti-blue light. So this eye protection feature will not make the screen color yellow. This is a very important feature. But we have to say that there are many notebooks with a similar feature. So we won’t praise this notebook for this feature.


So we can say that the RedmiBook Pro 15 2022 Ryzen Edition has got many noticeable upgrades over its predecessor without a price increase. The performance is much better than what we have seen in the previous model, now it looks more stylish, the screen has got some minor improvements, etc. In this sense, Redmi has done a good job. Plus, the company has improved heat dissipation too. And though we think its price is quite affordable, there are still some features that the manufacturer should pay more attention – better cooling, more interfaces, and making it suitable for gaming.

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