Alldocube GT Book 13 review: 3K display and more

August 18, 2022


  • 3K display
  • 12GB memory
  • 16,000mAh battery
  • Stylish look


  • Average processor
  • No backlit keyboard

Alldocube GT Book 13

The Microsoft Surface Book 3 uses a 13.5-inch 3K screen. It’s one of the most attractive small-sized laptops coming with a high-res screen. But like other Microsoft products, it costs a fortune. If you want something like that but at a lower price, here is an alternative, namely the Alldocube GT BOOK 13 Notebook, which comes with a 13.5-inch 3K high-definition IPS screen but is priced much lower.

Before we start, you should know that this is not the direct alternative to the Microsoft Surface Book 3. No, we are talking about a model that imitates the Surface laptop. Thus, most likely, we won’t find many high-end features but the display. However, still, it’s very comfortable for office use.


Alldocube GT Book 13

The Alldocube GT Book 13 adopts a 13.5-inch 3K high-definition IPS screen. It has a 3000×2000 ultra-clear resolution, 3:2 golden ratio, 100% sRGB high color gamut, 480nts peak brightness, etc. As we said, this is the biggest highlight of the notebook. And we have to say that it is fully comparable with the screen of the Microsoft Surface Book 3.

The colors of the Alldocube GT Book 13 screen are full and natural, the transition is smooth, and the picture is delicate. So we can say that every pixel is finely restored, providing rich colors. When watching movies or doing another job on the laptop, it can provide a very good viewing performance.

Hardware and performance

Alldocube GT Book 13

The Alldocube GT BOOK 13 Notebook is pre-installed with genuine Windows 11. Compared with Windows 10, the new system comes with many new features such as a simple interface, multi-window snapping layout, etc. Plus, the subsystem supports Android applications. In simple words, you can run Android apps on a Windows laptop. It is very useful for online classes, light office work, and small games.

In terms of hardware, the Alldocube GT Book 13 comes with Intel’s 11th generation N5100 ultra-efficient processor. In its turn, the chip is paired with 12GB LPDDR4x large memory and 256GB M2 SSD. The latter has a read speed of 508.02MB/s and a maximum write speed of 450.46MB/s, which is quite acceptable. The built-in 256GB M2 SSD supports quick replacement without disassembly.

Alldocube GT Book 13

The main frequency of the Celeron N-series CPU carried by the Alldocube GT Book 13 is 1.1GHz, the highest turbo frequency is 2.8GHz. It has four cores and four threads. Well, this is low power consumption and an entry-level processor. The performance is sufficient for the basic tasks only.

The battery capacity of this machine is 16,000mAh. According to the official introduction, it can last for 72 hours of battery life if using not heavily. At the same time, it supports 36W PD fast charging. When we travel on business, we only need to carry a mobile phone charger that supports PD protocol to charge our mobile phones and notebooks. The long battery life also makes this notebook have a very good outdoor experience.

The rest of the noteworthy features include dual-band WiFi support and Intel® UHD Graphics ultra-clear display core.

Design, keyboard, interfaces

Alldocube GT Book 13

The laptop uses a minimalist metal style. The brand logo is located in the upper left corner. The overall appearance is not bad.

There are also many interfaces. For instance, on the left, we can find a USB 3.0 interface, a DC port, power LED indicator, a mini HDMI interface, and a full-featured USB-C interface. The right side of the laptop carries a USB 3.0 interface, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a TF card slot.

Alldocube GT Book 13

The sound cavity speakers are placed on the upper left and right sides. The Alldocube GT Book 13 has two microphones, making a video chat and video conference easier and more comfortable.

In addition, the laptop adopts a similar patch suspension keyboard design. There is a large-area touchpad. Unfortunately, the keyboard of the Alldocube GT Book 13 has no backlight.

For whom is it?

Students: we understand that students have high requirements for anything. But when it comes to studying, it’s better to choose something that is ideal for this purpose and costs a penny. What they need is to check materials and attend online classes.

Office workers: the Alldocube GT Book 13 can be used for creating and editing documents, PPT presentations, tax declarations, registration, stock trading, etc. All these operations can’t be implemented on Android tablets or mobile phones. So the laptop is perfect for such work.

Travelers: those who are on the go frequently, need small, portable laptops. Plus, this one supports fast charging and provides long autonomy.


We were using the laptop not only for editing documents or surfing the net but also for editing photos via Photoshop and Lightroom. And we have to say, during all operations, it was running smoothly. We didn’t try but we are sure that you can even play some light games. But again, this notebook is not designed for gaming. So if you are looking for something suitable for gaming, you have to prepare more money.

With this, we want to say that the performance of the Alldocube GT Book 13 is not the strongest. However, the price/performance ratio is definitely among the best. Look, for a few hundred dollars, you will get a 13.5-inch 3K clear IPS screen, 12GB LPDDR4x large memory, 256GB M2 SSD, and a very stylish appearance. So it just turns out that this laptop is not recommended for gaming, the rest is ok.

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