Mijia automatic hand sanitizer set launched at 99 yuan ($15)

July 22, 2022

What we love Xiaomi for is that it designs, manufactures, and sells products for all niches and cases of life. You can buy a gigantic TV from this brand, and you can acquire a small bath accessory. For instance, today, the company introduced the new Mijia automatic hand sanitizer set priced at 99 yuan ($15). The new product continues the classic and simple design of the first generation.

Mijia automatic hand sanitizer set

The hand sanitizer set adopts infrared induction. It is as rapid as 0.25s when reaching out, which reduces the possibility of cross-infection and makes washing hands more secure.

Mijia automatic hand sanitizer set highlights

As one of the highlights, the hand sanitizer set uses a mild and powerful bactericide benzalkonium chloride, which can effectively kill 99.9% of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans, helping hands to resist external bacteria.

The dense foam can completely cover the skin of the hands. After thorough washing, the hands will become clean and dry without rinsing with water. It is also convenient to wash hands in public places such as offices and supermarkets.

Officially, it leaves a natural aftertaste after washing your hands. Fresh bergamot and rosemary bring fresh energy; the refreshing lavender, it brings an ocean-like airy atmosphere; calm pine wood and ambergris extend the aroma.

Mijia automatic hand sanitizer set

The packaging of the hand sanitizer has been upgraded to a large capacity of 420mL, which is 40% larger than the hand sanitizer provided by the Mijia Automatic Phone Washing Pro set. The whole bottle can be used about 600 times without frequent replacement.

In terms of battery life, the mobile phone has 4 built-in AA batteries. They provide 9 months of continuous use. There is no need to worry about power problems outdoors.

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