Jimmy BX7 Pro review: Special vacuum cleaner for allergic people

July 22, 2022


  • Strong suction power
  • Compact design
  • Unique brush


  • No battery
  • Small dirt tank

Jimmy BX7 Pro

Some fields are developing fast, while others aren’t. For instance, the same manufacturers release new smartphones every year with upgraded features but they launch tablets once in a few years. In this regard, we have to say that there is a niche that is progressing extremely fast, that is, vacuum cleaners. Traditionally, there have been a few brands such as Dyson, Samsung, Shark, etc. But once Xiaomi entered the niche, everything turned upside down. What’s more interesting, Xiaomi attacked the market not only with products under its name but with its satellite brands as well. In this sense, we have to point out Jimmy, a brand that specializes in making vacuum cleaners. As you guess, we are going to review one of its products, the Jimmy BX7 Pro.

Though the Jimmy BX7 Pro is a vacuum cleaner, it has nothing to do with other models on the market. A bit later you will understand why we think so.

To start with, this vacuum cleaner works from a power outlet. Second, it’s cyclonic, but it’s very compact. Three, there are various modes making its performance quite effective. Fourth, the system absorbs the carpets, disinfects them with UV light, and heats the surface it works on. All these are done for a single purpose – to reduce allergies and improve the hygiene of all items in the fabric. Now, do you understand why is it special?


Though the Jimmy BX7 Pro uses the same materials as other similar products, the design of this particular vacuum cleaner is quite different from what we use daily. As said, this is not a battery-powered model. Thus, you have always to keep it connected to the power outlet via the cable when using it.

Though it has a large body, due to the excellent design, you can easily use it with one hand. When saying this, we don’t mean you have to keep it in the air. No, the Jimmy BX7 Pro is a product that is clearly designed to be used on various surfaces, such as mattresses, sofas, and all surfaces that require powerful suction.

Anyway, the engine and its dirt tank are conventional. The Jimmy BX7 Pro uses dual cyclone technology to generate a vacuum. Inside the dirt container, it is able to separate the different inhaled particles and then filter them with a typical HEPA filter.

The dirt container has 0.5L of volume and is removed easily. You can wash it under running water with no issues.

Nonetheless, the most innovative feature of this device is the brush. The latter not only integrates a small display from which you can control the Jimmy BX7 Pro but it is one of the most advanced brushes. Obviously, it is of the electric type and integrates a sensor. Through it, the vacuum cleaner notices dirt on the surface. Apart from this, there is a UV system that is designed to lighten the surface.

In the center of the brush structure, the Jimmy BX7 Pro carries an ultrasonic transmitter. It is capable of destroying not only the mites but also any eggs.

The power cord is not fixed in the structure but can be disconnected from the vacuum cleaner itself to improve convenience when not in use. The cord is 5 meters long.

Suction and other parameters

We know that many of you will complain saying that it should be portable and powered by a battery. But the Jimmy BX7 Pro needs very strong suction power to handle the tasks it should. Also, most likely, the cleaner has to work for a longer time than other vacuum cleaners. This is the main reason why the manufacturer hasn’t made it powered by a battery.

Well, our protagonist has 3 operating modes. You can control them through the buttons on the handle. There are suction and UV mode (1), suction and ultrasonic mode (2), and suction, UV, and ultrasonic mode (3). As the names imply, each of the modes has its certain goal and you have to choose between them depending on your own needs.

Another useful thing is that the Jimmy BX7 Pro comes with very soft bristles. This is very important because you will clear various surfaces. So it shouldn’t damage them.

Yes, the whole cleaning process is actually pretty delicate. But if you want to remove pets’ fur, it’s better to use slightly harder bristles.

The suction power of the Jimmy BX7 Pro actually “bonds” it to the fabric and actually cleans very deeply. Plus, the surface heating system is also very practical: thanks to the 60° air jet, this vacuum cleaner really reduces humidity problems for sofas and mattresses.


The Jimmy BX7 Pro costs $155.99. But before hitting the buy button you should know that this is a special product. It is for those who are allergic to dust mites and for those who may have young children who want to protect themselves not only from mites but also from germs and everything else. It is derived from the humidity of a possible crib mattress.

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